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Hello guys, well... this time im building an EXTENDED MONO-BLUE deck, but i need you to give me some advice on what i should add or remove. The main idea is to play Surrakar Spellblade + Distortion Strike to hit and draw // Distant Memories to search for Jace Beleren, then, if no player wants me to have Jace on my hand, i can still draw 3 cards.
I don't know if adding Think Twice and/or Dissipate would be a great idea.
Due to recent bans, im unable to use Preordain, which i used to have in this deck.

total cards: 63

22 Island

3 Oculus
3 Runed servitor
4 Surrakar Spellblade
2 Psychosis Crawler
2 Sphinx of Magosi
2 Consecrated Sphinx

1 Jace Beleren

1 Infiltration Lens
2 Whispersilk Cloak
2 Venser's Journal

2 Unsummon
4 Distortion Strike
3 Turn to Frog
2 Into the Roil
4 Mana Leak
1 Distant Memories
2 Foresee
1 Time Reversal

I have never tried this specific combination, however...

You are using Turn to Frog where as a deck like this could really use Fleeting Distraction or Twisted Image or both.  The only danger with using these cards is the same problem you would have with Turn to Frog, you have to be able to target a creature.  Since your own creatures work in a pinch, they both seem like good ways to go.  I have seen these cards used in a Pyromancer Ascension deck to great effect.

I would also recommend cutting down to 60 cards since you are only playing 22 lands.  The high end of your curve seems a little full for a deck like this.  I would cut some of the 5+ casting cost cards to get it down.

There are some good Shards of Alara cards for this strategy but you would have to splash green or black.  I see that the title of your post is kind of against that so I won't go there.  You should keep in mind card filtering creatures as long as they say "draw" like Merfolk LooterSea Gate Oracle does nothing for Psychosis Crawler

Since you really want to get through your deck, you might consider a Gitaxian Probe or two instead of more counterspells as they will help you get the best use out of your cards.

And if you play against a lot of creatureless decks and decks with planeswalkers then you will have to do something completely different.  Think Twice and Dissipate both fit the deck's strategy, but they should only be there if you don't have better alternatives for the slots.
Wow, ty for you answer, it helps a lot!

There are some good Shards of Alara cards for this strategy but you would have to splash green or black.

However if you dont mind telling me, id like to read what you have to say about that, it might be really helpful :D
Well, since you asked I will give you the foundations of a popular casual deck from the Shards block.

First, Elvish Visionary is strictly better than Oculus for a deck like this.  You have to have the mana set up for it to work, but then it is a straight up trade.  Elvish Visionary is also available in M10.

Next, people supported this with Vedalken Heretic and Lorescale Coatl.  The piece of evasion equipment for the time was Mask of Riddles.  Given the cards you have you would have the option of spashing one color or the other because you don't need both.  If you are having trouble getting creatures through, then load up on evasion equipment and black.  If you need more card drawing creatures (like Surrakar Spellblades numbers 5-8) then you could just go green. 

Of course, I haven't tried this combination, but it is tempting.

Finally, people who enjoy Distant Memories might also enjoy Covenant of Minds.  I don't specifically recommend it for your deck but drawing 5 cards always feels pretty good (unless you deck yourself). 
Seems really cool! thx a lot!

time to get a shower, then I'll get some deck ideas for a Green - Blue deck. I really love the idea of adding Elvish Visionary and Lorescale Coatl. However I'd like the deck to do sth everytime I draw cards, thats why I have Psychosis Crawler, without it the deck would do nothing, or simply do pretty less damage.