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gretting i have this deck idea for a morden deck... how good with this deck be in the mordern sence... please leave some feedback on any changes you might make....

It's sopose to be a erayo lockdown deck  
sorry i dont know how to "link cards" 

Creatures: 24
 erayo, soratami ascedent x4
ethersworn canonist x4
signal pest x4
vault skirge x4
memnight x4
ornithopter x4

spells: 20
Dispatch x3
mox opal x4
tempred steel x3
tormod's crypt x3

land: 16
darksteel citadelx4
glimmervoid x 4
inkmoth nexus x4
island x2
plains x2

is this deck worth the money?                      
Is it worth the money?  Yes and no.  If you buy this you'll have most the pieces to Robots or whatever they call the current Affinity deck. 

No, because you've diluted the deck.  Robots is an aggro deck.  Adding Erayo and Cannonist doesn't make Robots a better aggro deck. 

I'm not saying Erayo isn't a good deck or that Robots isn't a good.  Robots is definitely a good deck.  Erayo probably hasn't been explored, but I'm not sure what shell you'd put into an Erayo deck. 

I thought Erayo in a Faeries Shell might work, especially with the newer 1cc faerie that returns a creature to your hand.  But I'm not sure that Faeries isn't better without the Erayo. 

Cannonist is a great sideboard card for Robots.