Need a spot of help designing a unique magical item

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One campaign im running is heavily focused on relics and ancient items. Currently im working on building a Bag of Infinite Possibilities. An Epic Bag of Holding that has been around for eons and no one truly knows what is stored in it. everything from a simple apple to dangerous magical items, to puking gnomes. Im trying to build the list to 1000 items and only have 736 so far. got any suggestions? i already have a good amount of mundane crap so looking for more fun/random stuff. Here are a few examples of what kinda stuff im looking for. Anything that could be harmful, helpful, annoying, or just plain weird is what im looking for.

726. Pull out a confused and bewildered gnome. Dressed in common clothing. He looks rather ill and exhausted. He is mute until asked a question then he begins puking. Puking nonstop, thick vile smelling nasty colored vomit. doesn’t stop regardless of heal spells. All make save 14 vs. nausea. After 5 rounds if party still near him fort saves again against -2 moral on saves and bab as well as nausea dc25

299. Flock of flamingos that follows group for rest of day. 20 flamingos and all hiding and sneaking is at a -20 penalty due to noise of birds which preferentially congregate around anyone sneaking. Attacking them is useless.

046.Green mushroom with white spots and eyes, were a player to die after eating this mushroom they would disappear with all of their gear and reappear 20 feet in the air above where they died. If this would kill them again(over chasm or lava) appear over safe ground up to 100 feet away from site of death. If no such place exists they appear in the air above spot anyways. Effect only lasts one death.

700.T-virus canister with warning labels all over it. if released characters are forced to make a fort 18 or gain virus if fail remove curse or cure disease works, otherwise after two days of excruciating pain enter rage and attack all non infecteds, all NPCs in mile radius are turned instantly. The campaign is put on hold and the players must end epidemic by killing what DM feels is appropriate amount of zombies. If they don’t feel like fixing problem the zombies seek them out anyways.

221.Adorable looking Crocheted doll, if anyone comments on its cuteness it comes to life pulls a pin from its pocket and pokes itself in the leg, the commenter takes one point of damage and feels pain in leg, doll keeps stabbing itself and tries to run away while it does so, each successful stab is another point of damage

222.lit stick of tnt fuse delay is 6 seconds deals 6d4 force 6d6 fire damage

559. Frisbee of translocation. If thrown (works three times a day. ) one who threw it is transported to the spot it landed at. If caught the thrower and catcher switch spots. Aiming at a specific person or place requires a ranged attack. At a person succeed if 15-17. If miss ac then catcher may reflex save (12+ amount missing success.) to catch. If at a specific point DM sets DC depending on throws difficulty. Every point missing DC above or below is one foot over or under thrown.

111. Magic lamp from Aladdin. If you rub it nothing happens, rub it three times however and sticky white goo is spat out of the spout…about 2 tablespoon worth

421. Halo jump pad. walking over it propels you 30'up 25' forward and land safely. if jump over it add jump check to previously mentioned stats.

327. Compass that doesn’t point north but to the nearest stash of treasure not in the parties possesion. (can include banks dragon hordes or nobleman’s estates or museums)
if yall want more ideas to get your creative juices flowing let me know