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Hi All,

Thanks for all the ideas you have posted; I've been following this forum for awhile and decided to get some feedback from everyone. I've been tinkering with (another) way of converting Gamma World to other post-apocalyptic and Sci-fi settings (Rifts, Superheroes, etc.). I agree that Gamma World is great for low level Rifts games and most Superhero archetypes, but I wanted something (only a little) slightly more serious. My intent is to have a little more control over characters, but still keep it fair and somewhat balanced but still fun and simple.

What do y'all think about the following for Character Creation?

All Characters get to choose their origins and their extra skill. Roll one extra 3D6 for attributes and discard the lowest.

Then Choose:

1. Man of Science (sealed community survivors, secret government troops, etc.):
No Mutations, ever (after looking at all the mutations this is a serious disadvantage)
+2 to one attribute
1 extra skill
+2 to Omega Tech checks OR constant ammo


2. Man of OhmyGodwhatintheworldisisthinggrowingoutofmyelbowohwaititshootslasers
Standard character creation as described above, with a chosen mutation deck
Roll of 1 doesn't cause flux, just prohibits power use for D6(?) rounds

Thanks all, I intend to post some pics of my mini conversions soon.
Where choosing the origins is great - it opens up min-max'ing. A temporal/magnetic is a rather dangerous combo.

Choosing the skill, I like that.

Rolling the 3d6 for attributes and discarding the lowest isn't that bad. I do like point by systems.

For the extra vocations: Man of Science, or Man of OMGWITWITTGOOMEOWISL.
The main book does stat that the powers are not all mutations.

"Powers" can be mutations or equipment or whatever. Meaning a Doppelganger's power double trouble can be a mutation (like multiple man), a purestrain human with a cloning device, or even a ninja warrior with some ninja magic.

Losing an alpha power I agree can be a handicap for that character. Giving constant ammo is only as good as the others characters not getting a lot of ammo.

One Option I been thinking about is that if you had a character that didn' have an alpha mutations - maybe they could keep an Omega Tech always working. But there is already a roll for breakage on Omega Tech - so a lucky mutant could be the same as one who automatically succeeds.

Not changing on an alpha flux brings up the question when do the alpha mutations change? Every encounter? If I got an alpha I didn't like, I would want to roll a '1' to change it.

Thanks Doc, much appreciated.

For the most part, I use the rules to come up with backgrounds and abilities for minis I convert. As far as min/maxing goes, you're right. That being said, mine run the gamut based on the type of character and background story. I've got some lackeys that are lucky to live 10 minutes, and some Replicant/Bioroid/Paragon characters that definitely wreck shop. There's balance within the parties though.

For the Gamma Mutations, I pretty much fiat'ed them all mutations. Since you can have 7 in your deck, with a few duplicates, I basically just choose the ones closest to the character concept, and the randomness is which ones you have access to. The powers don't change unless the character's story supports it. Omega Tech is still determined/found randomly.

Ammo..... I was thinking on that, how about if the Men of Science have a 75% chance of finding ammo after an encounter, and everyone else only has about a 25% or 30% chance. Maybe +10% if you're opponents were using firearms?

Does this sound roughly fair? I'm not trying to power game, just reduce the randomness and support some Superhero or Rift style characters.

Thanks again for the thoughts,
Percentage rolls are a needless complication if you're going to be using percentasges rounded to the nearest 5 or 10%. Each number on a d20 is 5% chance; if you want something to be 10% more likely, that's a +2 on the roll.

 A straight high-low roll is all you need for most things, modified by a +2/-2 (or +5/-5 if you want big differences) to the roll if you want someone to have a better or worse chance.

Like this:

After a combat, characters may roll to search for ammo. On a 10 or better, a character may replenish his or her supply. Men of Science gain a +5 to this roll; other characters take a -5 penalty. At the GM's discretion, following a combat in which the enemies possessed ranged weapon attacks, all characters gain a +2 bonus to this roll.

That's a d20 re-write of your method. Personally, though, I'd go with this:

After a combat, characters may roll to search for ammo. On a 10 or better, a character may replenish his or her supply. Men of Science gain a +2 to this roll; other characters take a -2 penalty. At the GM's discretion, following a combat in which none of the enemies possessed ranged weapon attacks, all characters take a -5 penalty to this roll.

My way makes ammo a little less likely to come up, thus ensuring characters think twice before going full-auto. Your way may be better if the characters aren't fighting many enemies with guns; my own GW campaign has had more party-vs.-other survivors conflict than party-vs.-monster, so the -5 penalty doesn't come up as much.

(As an aside, I also use a house rule that rolling a 1 on a gun attack results in being out of ammo. I find it makes for more dramatic gun battles.)

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