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We originally thought that if a mob is flanked by 2 players, if a 3rd player attacks - he also gets combat advantage.   That's not correct, is it?

in other words:  3 characters are attacking a mob - 1 from west, 1 from east, and 1 from south.  The south guy doesn't get combat advantage because there's no north attacker, right?

Thanks in advance 

From the Online compendium "Combat Advantage: You have combat advantage against an enemy you flank."

If you are not one of the characters flanking, you do not gain combat advantage. 

One way around this, is if one of the characters flanking has the Vexing Flanker feat.  
Thanks - for some reason I swear a saw a rule somewhere (we obviously just misread it) that said if a mob is flanked, it grants combat advantage; and that's what confused us 

It's always fun relearning rules ... 


A quick Google of "Flanking Dance 4e" should show you a solution. ^.^
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