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Heartless summoning x4
Altar's reap x2
Dismember x2
Entomber exarch x4
Noxious revival x2
primordial hydra x2
viridian emissary x4
acidic slime x4
brutalizer exarch x4
Solemn simulacrum x4
Wurmcoil engine x2
Molten-tail masticore x2
Mimic vat x2
Woodland cemetery x4
Forest x10
Swamp x8

Sylvok replica x2
Nihil spellbomb x2
Perilous myr x2
Ratchet bomb x3
black sun zenith x2
fo for the throat x2
creeping corrosion x2

so far in testing im very pleased.all the cards work great together.both of the exarchs have been all stars for me.and with a full playset of solemn simulacrum and viridian emissary.u don't need the heartless summoning to play ur guys.but if u do sick the enchantment early things get silly quickly.and altar's reap is awsome when u sac a simulacrum to draw what do u guys think???

I like the idea for this.  Altar's Reap seems more like a 4 of to me.  It looks to work amazingly well with Solemn Simulacrum, any of your creatures about to die from an opponent's spell, and is also a great way to off your Masticore if you get tired of paying the upkeep.

I'm not sold 100% on the Heartless Summoning though.    It seems like if you play more than one then your creatures automatically die, and if you just play one then you are going to be stuck with 3 dead cards many times.  I'd cut it to 3 probably. 

The summoning needs to be 4.u want to see as much as possiable.and when u draw more than 1 u just discard them to the masticore.
I love this card, and I think it has tons of potential, but it has one big hole: your deck is either grossly overcosted until you get it out, or grossly undercosted once you play it, and your tempo is gone almost as soon as it hits the table.  I'm working on solutions for it, but here's a rough deck off the top of my head:

artifacts ~4

4x mox opal

artifact creatures ~13

4x hex parasite
4x perilous myr
4x solemn simulacrum
1x steel hellkite

creatures ~6

1x grave titan
4x mentor of the meek
1x necrotic ooze

enchantments ~10

4x heartless summoning
2x oblivion ring
4x zombie infestation

instants ~6

4x altar's reap
2x go for the throat

lands ~21

4x buried ruin
4x isolated chapel
4x plains
9x swamp

I think that mentor of the meek is the key to abusing heartless summoning.  This deck probably needs more lands, but the key is to have a curve that works without summoning, and gets better with it, or the deck won't run.  The deck needs to have good outs for extra mana (I think steel hellkite is a great one, but there are others, obviously.)  Zombie infestation is also a good out for duplicate copies of summoning, and it works well with mentor.  Perilous myr is cute with summoning or mentor and amazing with both.

This is a very rough deck made in a few minutes with no testing at all.  I'm not sure what the best removal is or in what amount, either.


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Actually, this your deck has a lot more focus on fatties and the graveyard.  Besides being different colors, our decks are completely different.  I'm going to post this in another thread, but think about wat I said.


A creative hub for art and all things Magical, Dungeony, and Dragony!


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Thank u for the imput.I've been testing a lot latley and ive only had a few bad handa.other than work fine if i dont draw the summoning and it works even better when i do
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