[CRL] castle ravenloft problem with text of Ambush! encounter card 89 and 90/200

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the game has a text problem with the event-attack "AMBUSH!" encounter card in the card 89 the text is complete. but in the same card of number 90 the text don't have the second part" place a new monster on the active hero's tile". if somebody has the same problem please post.

the complete text


A massive net falls from the ceiling while monster close in from all sides.

Attack each Hero on the active Hero's tile.

place a new monster on the active hero's tile

+8 slowed

Yes, my cards are the same as you describe.  I just bought the game and haven't played it yet, but I figure I'll play them the way they're written Smile.
Same here. I don't really consider it a problem and just play them the way they're written. They are different cards after all, just similar events. 
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