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Hello, I am trying to coming up with ideas for a red and black vampire deck. I would like to have the vampire gain +1/+1 counters and fly and spells that will kill or  make my vampires stronger.
Oh, and nothing having really high mana cost.
This is my deck idea:


4x Blood Seeker
4x Bloodcrazed Neonate
2x Crossway Vampire
3x Rakish Heir
2x Falkenrath Marauders</a>
4x Bloodline Keeper transforms to Lord of Lineage


3x Curse of Stalked Prey
3x Diabolic Tutor
4x Go for the Throat
2x Volt Charge
4x Assault Strobe
4x Cobbled Wings
1x Curse of Death's Hold


10x Mountain
10x Swamp

Does anyone have any ideas for this deck?
U should defintly be playing 4 stromkirk noble.and 4 bloodline keeper.
I would replace Bloodcrazed with Stromkirk Noble.  They both gain at the same rate, Strom has the advantage of not having to attack, costing one less, and evading humans.  And all you lose is a single point of power which will (hopefully) become meaningless as all the counters stack up.

And he already HAS Bloodline Keeper.

And I would throw in an Olivia Voldaren or two when you can.  She's good, she's fits your mana base, and she gives you something to put mana into in the late game AND provides removal.  And she uses counters so she fits with that part of your deck as well.  Another higher cost mythic Vamp to throw in instead might be Bloodlord of Vaasgoth - it gives all your vamps Bloodthirst 3 (starts them with 3x +1/+1 counters if the opposing player has been damaged).  I think Olivia is 100% better, but she might be harder to find at the moment.

Also, both Curse of Death's hold and Diabolic Tutor feel odd and out of place in this deck.

What are you tutoring?  And what's the point of Death's Hold?  You know it's a static -1/-1, and you can't proliferate it, right?

EDIT: And I'd add one more Rakish Heir, and rely on them to provide the boost that Curse of Stalked Prey gives.  And then add Vampiric Fury in as a combat trick.  (Assault Strobe is nice, but is not an instant so it can't be used as a trick.)

Oh, and definitely Vampire Interloper instead of Bloodseeker.

And... hmm.. I'd go with 3 Volt and 3 cobbled wings.  I just prefer removal over evasion, I can't think of any situations where I'd wish I didn't have removal, and plenty where I wish I didn't have flying equipment...
You could always play off proliferate and bloodthirst along with the new red vamps as they get counters too.  Disreguard this if you don't want to play proliferate as much.

volt charge
Tezzeret's Gambit
Grim Affliction 
Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

i'd drop the  Crossway Vampire for Skinrender  even thought he's not a vamp with some proliferate hes a kill or he's just a kill for weenie whites.

but listen to iamwinterborn his adivce is quite good. also one thing he didn't touch on was raise falkenraths up to 4. they are just too good espically if you add a little more proliferate. Made this yesterday you can easily make it fit what you want.  I couple of card swaps and you can have what you are going for pretty easy.
I got a vamp deck too went 4-0 in fnm last night and took 2nd place overall out of 22 people (not that big I know) but still did good the sideboard needs work and I'm thinking about taking out my bats but it works great if you wanted to look at my proffile and see it. It runs bloodthirst and vampires that get counters + curse of stalked prey and volt charge, tezz gambit, and grim afliction
btw heres my vampire deck if you wanted to look at mine
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