B/G zombies.

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what do you all think of this deck

the goal is to flood the field with zombies through the use of endless ranks of the dead paired with parallel lives. I employ alot of cheap zombies, and use grave titan as another outlet for zombies, that doubles with parallel lives. Cemetery reaper also helps with boosting the zombies power, and for output of zombies. The big weakness I see with this deck is ratchet bomb which is why I have the naturalizes in the side board. Feedback and recomendations please? and also what are 5 other cards I could fit in the sideboard? Thanks.

18 swamp
4 woodland cemetery

3 doom blade
3 go for the throat
4 endless ranks of the dead
3 parallel lives
2 tribute to hunger
4 gruesome deformity
1 liliana of the veil

4 diregraf ghoul
4 cemetery reaper
4 walking corpse
2 grave titan
4 abattoir ghoul

side board
4 naturalize
2 tribute to hunger
4 ghoulcaller's chant

2 or even 1 Army of the Damned could be worth throwing in just for how stupidly well it synergises with Parallel Lives and Endless Ranks. I think there are also better options than Walking Corpse, maybe Phyrexian Crusader or Nested Ghoul (though it's expensive for what it does). So I guess my message is the Crusader. He's situationally awesome against red and white, and does have infect, so maybe sideboard him, but even with the infect, with first strike and infection blocking he's better for your deck than walking corpse anyway.

As for other sideboard suggestions, 1 Doom Blade, 1 Go for the Throat, maybe some situational phyrexian cards like Apostle's Blessing, if in doubt fill the rest up with Deathmark because that's always hilarious to drop on a mono green/ mono white/ Green white player in Constructed! 

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