Divination vs. Think twice! Go!

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Hum what to do? What to do?
1. Wrong place to post this since you're not asking for deck critisism.
2. Its deck dependant. Think Twice allows you to be heavily reactive and hold counterspells, while Divination is technically better value for your mana, but makes you vulnerable.
Are you playing Mana Leak? (Hint: you are.) If so, Think Twice is better.



Think twice is better in the sense that with the new set, discarding cards can reep alot of benefits such as cards like skaab ruinator, etc
i'm running both

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I like Think Twice more except that a single Divination allows Snapcaster Mage to turn into a Mulldrifter in the late game, which is pretty relevant.

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Thanks everyone! Love you burning forest! In going to do a two two split.