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I think this might be an interesting conversation piece. I'll post a card which has or can be used to make an archtype and we all discuss what colors we would use with that archtype/deck whatever. So for instance, I will say, oh, Thirst for Knowledge then we discuss what colors we use for a deck with Thirst as its favored son of a card and why.

For the sake of being able to discuss things that aren't combo the thread will be about post-new-bans modern.

So, for the first card, one of my personal favorite cards (yay being the thread starter(or maybe stealer I haven't seen this thread on modern though) Gifts Ungiven.

I would personally use Green and Blue with only punishing grove being any non-green blue cards. I would maybe include a steam vents but probably no stomping grounds. I would use these colors because of 'goyf, obviously, and loam. This lets me play quite a few one ofs like swords, vedalken shackles, engineered explosives and others because I can try and focus my deck to survive til getting of a gifts, then searching for loam/academy ruins/answer/whatever and then answer the opponent. Of course, this is probably slow, but hey that's what this thread is for too, to be told you suck.

Also, this color combo allows me access to punish grove (as stated), voidslime, krosan grasp, ramp if I want it (which I personally don't), and a bunch of other stuff that my scuzzbag brain won't remember right now.

Anyways, have at it Modern forums. What colors would you run in a deck based on gifts ungiven, and why?
Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this.
There was a Gifts Ungiven/Grove deck at PT Austin 09. It went mediocre, but should be stronger in a format without Dark Depths and Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek. You might want to be red for Bolt, and side Firespout. I think RUG is probably the best colour combo.
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