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1) I am making a new character right now that turned out to be an Ectoplasmic Alien and his novice Ectoplasmic power is called Ectoplasmic Plunge.  Its attack value is Wisdom + your level vs. Reflex.

Where it says Wisdom....does that main it is your Wisdom SCORE and not your Wisdom mod added to a d20 roll? If so, then it is a static number and you wouldn't roll an attack roll.

2) Overcharge bonus.  You only get the Overcharge bonus of your primary origin, right? The online character generator from WotC makes it seem like you get the bonus from both primary and secondary origins.

Thanks in advance!
1. The attack uses a d20 + your WIS modifier + level (just like 4e DnD, well 4e uses 1/2 level but same general principal)

2. You only get the overcharge of your primary origin. The online character builder is a little weird, it pretty much just lists everything associated with the origin.
Thanks! I think that clears it all up.
Thanks! I think that clears it all up.

Actually, I started out saying that only the primary origin provided the overcharge bonus. But it seems widely accepted that you get both of your overcharge bonuses.

This is mainly to encourage players to overcharge their mutations rather than sit on them.

I would look at it this way, while specific does beat general, it is up to the DM to decide whether it's only the primary origin or both that provide the bonus.

I have flip-flopped my initial decision and allow for both simply because it makes the game more fun.
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