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This thread is for discussion of this week's Wizards Asks, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

one of the craziest stories ever lol, so i have a diergaf ghoul with a skeletal girmace, my opponent had a garruk out at 3 counters and was just pumping wolf tokens, i also had a galvanic juggernaught which would just trade with the wolf tokens every turn, so i knew i had to take out garruk somehow, I had a stesnia bloodhall and nothing in my hand but a land, so i decide to hit garruk with the land dealing two, it transforms- i just figure i can kill him next trun then starting to play aggresive and wipe out his wolves and work from there. but on my opponents turn, he played traitorus blood, took my diergaf ghoul, then sacrificed it with garuks -1 ability, losing garruk himself but he pulled a charmbeaker devils, diergaf was really the only thing keeping me alive because of the regenerate from his skeletal girmace, lost him both, he then plays that and i was just outnumbered. It was just such a crazy play because i completely wasn't expecting it lol, thats always the perfect combination of using an Act of treason type card, to sacrifice it. it was a pretty good play lol
I played in three events (two sealed and one draft) and I have a few good ones:

Day 1 - Sealed

I played RGw, splashing for Rebuke and Angel of Flight Alabaster. My deck had some werewolves, Splinterfright, two Geistflame (one foil), two Blazing Torch (one foil), and Falkenrath Marauders (also foil - must have been some kind of sign).

Round 1 my opponent is RGwb.

In Game 1, he plays Bloodcrazed Neonite on turn 2 and i Geistflame it during his next combat phase. This allows him to play two Caravan Vigils back to back in his second main and ramp up to 6 mana on turn 4. I lose to Falkenrath Marauders (yep, he got one too).

In Game 2, he plays an early Curse of Stalked Prey. After a few turns, he blows up the board with Blasphemous Act and drops a Tree of Redemption. I hold back a Geistflame so I can play it and flash it back when he drops the Falkenrath Marauders again. I play my own Marauders and get him to use up his tree before it gets killed by some removal spell. I drop Splinterfright when we're both fairly low on life and it's getting late in the game. Splinterfright activation mills two lands, and I topdeck a Blazing Torch to clear a blocker and attack for the win.

We start Game 3 with 3 minutes left in the round, and I win in extra turns because he never draws a 3rd land.

Round 2 my opponent is BR. Game 1 he draws too few lands, Game 2 he draws too many. He showed me his deck afterwards and it looked unbelievably solid - Bloodgift Demon, removal spells, and Falkenrath Marauders (seems everybody's got one today).

Round 3 my opponent is UB.

Game 1 is fairly intense and I think there was one turn where I spent a good 3 minutes just thinking about whether to attack or not. One thing that's great about Innistrad limited is there are some really interesting play decisions that go on because of the mechanics of the set. Eventually I win game 1.

Game 2 he is using Dream Twist to mill my library and again its a fairly tight game. I drop a Splinterfright, which is now quite large thanks to his Dream Twists. He has no answer for it and that's game.

Round 4 we ID and collect our prizes (8 packs each).

Day 1 - Draft

Seems like red and green were popular at our table. My first pick was Endless Ranks of the Dead, and that was the only black card I took as the green and red was just strong.Pack 3 gives me a 1st pick Balefire Dragon and I end up buildling a GR deck with that, lots of werewolves, 3 Hamlet Captains, but not much removal.

Round 1 my opponent is BR.

Game 1 he's putting pressure on me and plays - you guessed it - Falkenrath Marauders. It gets up to 6/6 when I play land #7 and drop Balefire Dragon, which I need as a blocker. He topdecks Into the Maw of Hell and swings for the win.

Game 2 I keep a hand of 6 lands and Hamlet Captain. I think my first 2 draws were land and Balefire Dragon. I hold out until turn 7 and drop the dragon. Next turn I hit him with it to wipe his board. He then topdecks Into the Maw of Hell again. Eventually he's threatening lethal damage with fliers, possibly including Falkenrath Marauders, and I draw into Spider Spawning. I play it thinking I'm dead, then realize the spider tokens have reach when on his turn he's thinking about his attacks. Eventually he gets through for the win. By this time I had drawn 14 of my 17 land.

Round 2 my opponent is RG werewolves with a very aggressive curve. I don't remember too much about the match other than I lost. He used that curse that makes my creatures attack every turn and Full Moon's Rise to regenerate his werewolves, plus that red sorcery that makes my creatures unable to block this turn.

Round 3 my opponent is GW. I don't remember much about this match either except him having a 5/5 Avacyn's Pilgrim thanks to some Travel Preparations at one point, but I won both games and earned a pack for my troubles.

Day 2 - Sealed

I open 2 copies of Evil Twin, Bloodgift Demon, Dearly Departed, Geistflame, Harvest Pyre, Corpse Lunge, and Stensia Bloodhall. I have decent cards in 4 colors and have no idea what to play.

Round 1 my opponent is a friend of mine and he's playing UX.

In Game 1 I play BRu. He's using several cards to mill my library, but the board position is pretty even, until I Unburial Rites a Bloodgift Demon into play and win.

Game 2 I transform my deck into BWr and he drops Mindshrieker on turn 2. That thing is a pest and it goes the distance.

Game 3 I transform yet again into RWb and manage to win through yet another Mindshrieker.

Round 2 my opponent doesn't show up. I use this time to eat something and rebuild my deck in UBr (I know, I'm nuts).

Round 3 my opponent is GWU.

In Game 1 he has Orchard Spirit and some 1/1 flying spirit tokens that do early damage. I'm have Evil Twin in my hand when he drops a Daybreak Ranger. I play other spells and he eventually passes his own turn to transform the Ranger into Nightfall Predator. I drop land #8 and play both Evil Twins, copying the Predator - that's 2 spells, so his transforms back, but mine don't because they're copies (yes, I knew about this before playing them). I also have a mountain in play so I can fight his creatures and wreck his board, eventually winning with Pitchburn Devils.

In Game 2 he drops a Geist of Saint Traft and equips it with Runechanter's Pike. He attacks, not accounting for me double-blocking to kill the Geist. The game is pretty tight and goes into exta turns, and he wins on extra turn 4 thanks to his flying spirits.

Round 4 my opponent's ride has shown up and he has to leave, so I get another bye.

They cut to top 8 and I lose horribly to a UR deck with insane werewolves and - wait for it - Flakenrath Marauders. Doesn't help that I drew no swamps in game 2. Since prizes were only given to Top 4 that day, I go home empty-handed.

And that's my prerelease weekend.
i played at my favorite prerealese yet with innistrad sealed... i haven't opened anything playable from white except a foil angelic overseer. but you can't really build around that. i had some nice cards in green and red, but no filling, so i had to go with what was left: blue-black. i had milling, card draw, few removals, counters, stitched drakes, all in all not too powerful, but nothing to be ashamed  of either. so here are some highlights:
favorite win: my opponent more than lethal damage on the board, a whole lot of blockers (including the scarecrow) six hp and a wide grin on his face. i had a 2/2 zombie with skelatal grimace, a delver of secrets and an inquisitor's flail. beginning of my turn i could finally transform into insectile aberration, equip the flail to it, cast cobbled wings and equip on the zombie, and fly in for the win
favorite combo: delver of secrets with ghoulcaller's bell. had some fun times with it.
most crushing victory: my opponent had no creatures down and i had enough damage on the board to finish him in two turns. he drops tree of redemption to catch a brake. i cast tribute to hunger, go to 33 hp and he scoops up.
most annoying card: invisible  stalker. unblockable + hexproof is just too much.
favorite card: delver of secrets.
most desperate play: casting choulcaller's chant and countering it, just to transform my opponents werewolves and bouncing one of them. it gave me the one turn i needed (two curse of the bloody tome, a ghoulcaller's bell on the field...)
Awesome story! It makes for a great reminder that players make sure they don't focus too much on one part of an ability. Those things you overlook can give you the game.

MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green).

He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one."

I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago." ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************MaRo: During a playtest, I played a Reaper from the Abyss. I attacked each turn, while my opponent would chump block (he had a lot of fliers), and then I killed a second creature. This happened until he had only one creature left. I attack, he blocked, and then the following dialogue occurred:

Him: Kill your demon. Me: What? Him: My guy died so you have to kill a creature.

Me: Yeah, but why would a demon kill himself?

Him: I don't know. He's depressed there's no one left to kill.

Me: That doesn't make any sense. Him: I don't care. It's what the card says. I then take out my pen, and wrote "non-Demon" on it.

Him: You can't do that.

Me: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

I had one really cool game where I mulled to five and was beginning to stabilize. My opponent kept drawing threats though and I was in trouble.

Then I drew a Mayor of Avabruck and Kessig Wolf run (the land that gives +X/+0 and trample).

He layed down a 6/6, then the 8/8 trample monster that gives two creatures back when it dies and then got back the 7/7 werewolf and a 4/4 creature.

I hardly played a spell the rest of the game. Just waited to get five werewolves and then attacked with just the one.

My point is: Mayor of Avabruck is insane!
Round 1: I have 8 creatures and one is a Geist-Honored Monk. My opponent is beating me until a draw a Cackling Counterpart. I copy the Monk twice to get 3 14/14 creatures with vigilance. I keep attacking until my opponent has no blockers and attack for 42 damage.
Round 3: I have 7 1/* creatures and a Voiceless Spirit. Most of them have flying, my opponent's only flyer is a Screeching Bat.I draw a Rally the Peasants. I cast and flashback it to give all of my creatures +4/+0 and attack for the win.
The funniest thing to happen to me at the prereleasewas when one of my opponents puts a Bonds of Faith on one of my transformed werewolves and then plays another spell.  So instead of having a werewolf that can't attack or block I have a werewolf with +2/+2.

One crazy thing to happen to me during the prelease was when my final opponent got out his Invisible Stalker and equipped it with a Butcher's Cleaver early in both games.  I did not survive very long either game.
round five and going for placings. I'm in BUW and my opponent is RW. We end in game three. He has 18 life and I have 7. I drop a delver of secrets and a Grimgrin, corpse-born, sac the delver and end with a 6/6 untapped grimmy. My opponent kills one of his creatures, and uses the one red burn spell that does 5 for three with mrobid (obviously I don't know the name) Targetting Grimgrin. But he forgot that he had a +1/+1 counter. Grimgrin survives, and I swing for 9 (I had a 3/X of some sort). He draws into balefire dragon, and concedes because he has no blockers. I win, go 3-2 (as usual) and get 3 packs. I bust snapcaster mage and the red mythic that gives target instant or sorcery flashback till EOT (can you tell Idk any card names?)

Traded those two, the WB dual land and some junk rares for a verdant catacombs, a gilded drake, a consecrated sphinx, and a bribery. MY edh me was very happy.
It was game 3 and the board was clear of creatures, except for my transformed 13/13 Ludevic's Test Subject . My opponent and I were both at 12 life and it was his turn. He plays Traitorous Blood on my creature with the intention to attack and end the game. I flashback my forgotten Feeling of Dread , target my 13/13 and watch his face turn sour as he ends his turn and concedes.
Since we don't have a column for this week's Asks yet, I guess I'll bite the crossbow bolt and post here.
My favorite werewolf would be Terror of Kruin Pass; all of the werewolves are a bit boring by my standards, but she at least manages to have a neat theme going on with two abilities that say "two" in them plus double strike.  I just wish they'd provided the other half of a nice combo by having a green Werewolf that says "Each Werewolf you control can't be blocked by more than one creature".  Villagers of Estwald would have been a good one to upgrade to this effect; it's really annoying to have so many vanilla and french vanilla werewolves.  Only the rare ones tend to have interesting abilities, and Kruin tops the list with the most elegant set thereof.
My New Phyrexia Writing Credits My M12 Writing Credits
As far as the benefit of the rest of Magic is concerned, gold cards in Legends were executed perfectly. They got all the excitement a designer could hope out of a splashy new mechanic without using up any of the valuable design space. Truly amazing. --Aaron Forsythe's Random Card Comment on Kei Takahashi
I would vote Reckless Waif // Merciless Predator. She's got cool names, cool art, is cute, and her werewolf is obvioiusly the most feminine. Cardwise, she's also pretty efficient and no pushover.
Village iron smith//iron fang. 3/1 and first strikeYell.
Gatstaf Shepherd. I love seeing Intimidate in Green, since it needs evasion badly. Plus, the story told by the art on both sides is awesome.
My second favorite has to be Daybreak Ranger. Fights in Green is the best thing to happen to the color since it got Flying in Planar Chaos (if only briefly). Plus, tri-cornered hats are just cool.
Gatstaf Shepherd. I love seeing Intimidate in Green, since it needs evasion badly. Plus, the story told by the art on both sides is awesome.
My second favorite has to be Daybreak Ranger. Fights in Green is the best thing to happen to the color since it got Flying in Planar Chaos (if only briefly). Plus, tri-cornered hats are just cool.

Green has had flying for quite a while (since Alpha with Birds of Paradise, Scryb Sprites, and Cockatrice).  What green doesn't have is many decent fliers.