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Welcome to Modern Mill.  This deck came to me shortly after watching the Pro Tour Philidelphia when I noticed everyone was literally playing with fetch lands.  Archive traps does nothing but punish people for this.

The Deck: Modern Mill

Creatures: 7
Spellskite x3
Vampire Nighthawk x4

Spells: 29
Archive Trap x4
Mind Funeral x4
Tome Scour x4
Surgical Extraction x3
Extirpate x3
Trapmaker's Snare x2
Perplex x3
Runesnag x4
Consume the Meek x2

Land: 24
Creeping Tar Pit x3
Drowned Catacomb x4
Darkslick Shores x3
Underground River x4

Side: 15
Telemin Performance x3
Vampire Hexmage x3
Flashfreeze x3
Inquisition of Kozilek x3
Zombie Outlander x3

The set up is that you get an archive trap in the beginning hand followed by either a surgical extraction or extirpate to hit their biggest part of there deck.  After playing the deck for a bit I realized that I don't always get an Archive Trap so I put in Trapmaker's Snare so I can tutor for them.  Perplex seems like a great addition to get cards out of their hand to the graveyard for targets for Extirpate or Surgical Extraction.  Also, Perplex can help tutor for Mind Funerals or Vampire Nighthawks.  I will be running Glimpse the Unthinkable in place of Tome Scour as soon as I get the money for it.  Please crtitique how ever you see fit.  I would prefer constructive criticism though.  I intend to run this in Modern for a good long while.

Match ups so far:
SplinterTwin: 2-4-0
Pyromancer Ascension: 2-0-0
Counter Cat: 1-4-0

I will be updating this thread as I get more results.

I think as a method to combatting Emrakul, all you need is 1 Ravenous Trap and 4 Snare. Hedron Crab seems like a lock in here too if you get fetchlands.

I do like the Ravenous trap idea, I will definitely have to test with it.  As far as Hedron Crab goes, I'm still unsure, although I do see his value, but may test it pending upon if I am able to get the fetch lands.  As it stands with fetch lands I currently only have 2 Misty Rainforest, which is being borrowed by my cousin for his U/G/r deck.

Maybe consider Visions of Beyond.
Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this.
In you;re build Damnation is 100% better than Consume the Meek
I will also strongly recommend Hedron Crab even when not running fetchlands as even three cards a turn can be huge, especially when you want to leave counter mana open.
@izgor:  I may seek use of visions of beyond, if I find that it may be needed

@Paladine_Cleric:  I do agree with damnation and will probably use it once I get them back.  Had to sell them for bill money.  I am liking the Hedron Crab more and more but unsure what I should take out to put them in.  Any suggestions?

Take the UG mill deck from standard, and tweak:

4 Hedron Crab (Play this dude)
4 Explore (You probably want this, also Sakura Tribe Elder blocks and does a similar thing, but doesn't play well with fetches like Explore does)
4 Ponder?(Banned )
4 Preordain (Banne )
2-3 Jace, Memory Adept (Seems fine, ramp makes him come down sooner)
4 Mana Leak (Counterspells seem fine)
4 Archive Trap (Another core card)
4 Visions of Beyond (Ancestral Recall is your friend)

Some other spells etc.

So, I had a similar idea and posted a rough list in an article a while back:

The scapeshift plan into shelldock isle's is pretty busted. If I get time to tune the list for the new format, I will.
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