need help looking for lvl7 ardent an lvl6 wizard items

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I haven't been able to find any items of these lvl that seem worth while for these classes,what do/did you use? whatever suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Is this for starting characters wanting 6/6/7/8 and 5/5/6/7 level items?

Beserker's Badge, IAoP, Magic Armour and a Vanguard weapon works for a charging Ardent.

Could you give a few more details as to the type of ardent and wizard?
sorry, your right, these are lvl 6 characters. the ardent is a impetuous ardent, uses a greatspear plans on having the stygian adept PP, looking for a LVL 7 item. Wizard mage, illusionist Apprentice/Evocation Apprentice looking for a lvl 6 item. I find that the items for the wizard are just out of his reach, if he were looking for a lvl 7 or 8 we would have no problem. just can't seem to find a good lvl 6.
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