Hybrid Paladin/Warlock using ranged Warlock power with Divine Challenge

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Hi, all. I would like clarification on something if anyone knows: A Hybrid Warlock/Paladin uses Divine Challenge on a target and then backs away to use Dire Radiance (a Warlock power) to lure the creature away from a fallen ally. The conditions for sustaining the Divine Challenge say that the character needs to either engage the target or be adjacent to it. Since the character engaged the target with a Warlock power rather than a Paladin power, does he lose the Divine Challenge on the target? DM seems to think so, player does not.
Thanks in advance for the help. =)
"The mark also ends at the end of your turn if you didn't engage the target, meaning you neither attacked it during your turn nor are adjacent to it at the end of your turn."

Using Dire Radiance against the target means you attacked it, so the mark persists for another round.
Thanks for the help, guys. =)
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