Inistrad Life drain deck - ideas?

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So I played a watered down version of this in sealed today, which gave me an idea. The plan is to get cheap black and red creatures out in the fisrt few turns while using bump in the night to lower the opponents health, until I can get the Falkenrath Noble on turn 4, then use the weenies to block anything they swing with, so they "die", draining the opponents health while boosting mine. When the number of creatures on the battlefield is higher than my opponents health, I can use day of judgment to wipe the board, and drain their remaining life...

Not sure how it will work until I can test it; so here is the list

Any ideas?

Is this supposed to be standard legal? If it is, then you're in the wrong foru.

If not, then pick Damnation over Day of Judgment - that way, you don't have to splash a third color. 
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I try to keep things standard legal, but it really is for casual play - as thats what i do most! Thank you for your reply!
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