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Hello, again here is a basic.

I just went brain dead on this...

I attack you with my creature.
you respond and pass and do not block with your creature
Now it goes to damage step?
I play a instant to pump my creature up.
Now since I did that with the instant it pushes it back a step since I did not play it before attacking you with the correct amount on the attacking creaure and you can now decide to block with your creature?

No, you have the opportunity to play spells and abilities after blocks are declared but before damage is dealt. There is only one point in the combat phase where blocks can be declared, and you are past that point in your description. Your opponent will take the pump damage. Playing spells never causes the game to revert to an earlier step or phase.
just to clarify, pumping the creature in the damage step is too late, you have to do so in the declare blocker step after your opponent has declared blockers (in this case no blockers)
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