Mentor of the Meek + living weapons

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Hello. I am not sure on this on action.
Thanks in advance.
I have Mentor of the Meek in play. I play batterskull since it comes in with a o/o black germ attached to the equipment would the meek's abilty work on it.

IF no on the batterskull. Then my guess is if a eguipment like batterskull comes in and has under 2 than that one would work.
That would work. The Germ token is put onto the battlefield as a 0/0 and triggers the Mentor or the Meek. Then Batterskull is attached to it and makes it a 4/4. After the ability finishes resolving the Mentor ability is placed on the stack and you can choose to pay or not when it resolves.
This works because of the way Living Weapon is worded:

702.90a Living weapon is a triggered ability. “Living weapon” means “When this Equipment enters
the battlefield, put a 0/0 black Germ creature token onto the battlefield, then attach this
Equipment to it.”

Putting the token onto the battlefield and attaching the equipment to it are clearly two separate actions, so there's a time when the token is a 0/0. This means Mentor of the Meek would trigger.

If there were continuous effects giving power buffs (like 3 Glorious Anthem) or if Living Weapon somehow made the token come into play with Batterskull attached, then Mentor of the Meek would not trigger.
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