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What would happen if someone decided to put Binding Agony and Pariah on the same creature?
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If pariah is controlled by the same person that controls the creature, any time damage would be dealt to either the creature or the player, it will be dealt to the creature, triggering Binding Agony. This would cause damage to be dealt to the player, but pariah replaces this with damage to the creature, creating a loop. The loop will repeat until the creature has been dealt enough damage to be destroyed. If it is never destroyed and no one chooses to break the loop in some other way, then the game ends in a draw.

What would happen if someone decided to put Binding Agony and Pariah on the same creature?

Probably not as much as you want.

If the creature and the Pariah are controlled by the same player, then a loop develops that ends when the creature is destroyed by marked damage.

Damage dealt to the creature causes Binding Agony to trigger. When the trigger resolves, that much damage is dealt to the controller of the creature. SInce that player also controls the Pariah, the damage is redirected to the creature and dealt, causing Binding Agony to trigger. This goes on until the creature has damage marked on it greater than or equal to its toughness, whereupon it dies. Both Auras go to the graveyard, leaving one last Binding Agony trigger to deal damage to the player who controlled the creature. This will not be redirected, as the pariah is in the graveyard and the creature it enchanted is dead.

If the creature is indestructible, we have an unending loop.

If the Pariah and the creature are controlled by different players, each time the creature or the Pariah's controller is damaged, the controller of the creature takes damage equal to the amount dealt to the creature, whether dealt directly or redirected from the player.
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