Turned away from prerelease, for the second event in a row.

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So, it seems if I show up (on time) to a DCI sanctioned event with money in hand, as a member in good standing of the magic community, I should be able to play in said event. This has not been the case for the 2nd event in a row this month, and I'm sour. 

I'm not sour with the store, as the capacity of their venue is a fixed thing. I'm sour that there isn't a regional event or some other means for me to play on the rare opportunities that I do get the time to do so.

If I am this discouraged as a veteran of the game, how must a new player who was turned away from Magic Celebration or the Innistrad Prerelease feel? If there's only so much time and money you have for a game and you literally can't get one company to take your money, do you head elsewhere?
I'm in the same boat.  Was turned away from the M12 and Innistrad Pre-release in Southern California.   As a lapsed player who was looking to get back into the game, this has been nothing but disappointment.  Not sure I would've enjoyed a low-population, cramped, sweaty man-sauna of an event anyway.  

What happened to the big regional pre-releases where 32-64 player flights would fire off every half an hour followed by non-stop drafts?  That was exciting and accessible.

The new mechanics are lame and logistically awkward.  They're clearly scraping the barrel.  Arbitrary constructed formats with big fat banned lists are even more lame.  I don't get out of work early enough for FNM.  Magic Online is a clunky, ugly, unusable mess of an application as well as a collosal rip-off.  I've already given up and re-activated my WoW account.  Here's one lapsed player's perspective saying, goodbye, M:tG, you failed.  I tried to rekindle the flame, but nostalgia just isn't enough.

Glad (well, not really glad) to see that I am not the only one this has happened to.

I miss the large prereleases as well, it was a great opportunity to mingle with a wider cross section of players. Now, I am stuck trying to get into one of 3 stores that have prereleases within an hour of where I live. The regional prerelease we had in the past was about 25 miles from home. The limited space available in local game stores doesn't allow for a large number of players, either. For Innistrad's prerelease this weekend, I planned on getting to the least crowded of the 3 stores, I arrived 45 minutes early, and the event was sold out. The store had to send away dozens of people because they lacked both the space and the product to provide to the players.

As long as Wizards continues to limit the amount of product available in the prereleases and confines them to local game shops, this is a problem that will only increase in the future. Magic is only growing in popularity and prereleases are a great time for new players to gain familiarity with the game and old players to rekindle their interest. It only hurts everyone involved when local game shops have inadequate capacity and product to service their players.


I'm with you brothers. No more big pre release in Paris, can you imagine that?

Do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg

For God Sake !


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