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Hey guys, this was posted in the GSL forum, but I think it's more appropriate here since 3e players are more likely to be interested in than the 4e players. I figured I'd repost it here for you guys to see, as well as for any Pathfinder players that are interested in the news of the upcoming PF Amethyst book.

57300008 wrote:
As the GSL now permits it, and considering we are moving into Pathfinder soon, we here at DEM have decided to allow customers the opportunity to stroll down memory lane with this piece of novel nostalgia.  For only $3.99, you now purchase the original D20 Amethyst, published in 2008.  It received numerous awards, including an honorable mention at the 2008 Ennies. 

Fair warning to all, this version of Amethyst is no longer canon, and it is also not the Pathfinder version due out soon.  But it does have that awesome Jaime Jones cover (before he became a celebrity in the art field), and it is nearly 400 pages of content, with most of its fluff still not covered by the 4th Edition version.  I am hoping at that price point, people may be interested in seeing how it all started.

For some reason I can't get the picture of the cover to post here but you can see it in the original thread.

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Thanks, Bone.  Yes, that would have been a good idea.  
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