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Has anyone made a deck that has a mills win condition focus but still retains the answers to make it politically.
Oona, Queen of the Fae is very good with infinite mana - one of the few viable mill strategies.

Standard: Mage-Blade EDH: Rafiq of the Many
My The Mimeoplasm deck has a pretty strong milling sub-theme to it. Dreamborn Muse and Mesmeric Orb can both do a lot of milling for minimal cost.
My Geth, Lord of the Vault deck has a Mill sub-theme in it, mainly to give Geth more targets for his ability.  Wrexial, the Risen Deep also works well with a milling sub-theme.  However, I'm not sure how well mill works as a win condition.  Oona is the only legend I know is more or less able to pull it off, because she exiles instead of just putting the cards into the graveyard.  Szadek, Lord of Secrets may also be playable as a mill commander.  

Either way, if you are going to use a mill theme, look for cards like Mindcrank (mills everyone but you, and triggers on damage, which everyone is doing anyways.   Keening Stone can finish off somebody who's been milled, and Grindclock you can charge up to mill them for a lot.  Leyline of the Void keeps any "shuffle into your library" effects from occuring, as to Nihil Spellbomb and Relic of Progentius.  Bitter Ordeal can really hurt a player after you mill a bunch of cards, as can Sadistic Sacrament.  Finally, Memoricide effects can deal with annoying "shuffle your library" eldrazi and such.