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I hope the subject line didn't get anyone unduley excited..

I wanted to ask, does anyone have any ideas for what a 4th DnD Board game can be? What other themes could provide an awesome game theme? I think the current 3 are great, especially going for it and doing a Drizzt one.

Share your thoughts and ideas! You never know who may be reading!

I posted an idea in the Wrath of Ashardalon forums.  Evidently cut and paste doesn't work in these forums...
I just recently purchased both the Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon Board Games and am looking forward to the Legend of Drizzt.  With that said I personally think that a Dragonlance Board Game would be a lot of fun and very popular.  Agree or disagree?
Perhaps Temple of Elemental Evil? 
In general, I think themed board games are the way to go, since in my opinion Ashardalon has been the weakest in the series so far. 
A Dragonlance board game would be great! Draconians were always my favourite monster, and I think the classic dragonlance saga and characters would make for great scenarios. Temple of Elemental Evil would be cool as well!
Maybe a Dark Sun board game might be cool?
I am totally addicted to the 3 boardgames that are out now. They are tons of fun, and I have fun customizing my play experience by combining all 3 sets. I would love a 4th game! If they do make a 4th game, I'd like to see less dungeon and more nature. Any sort of wilderness setting would be cool, and would be a change from the original 3.

At the same time, I would be happy with just an expansion set, full with new heroes and classes, and new villains all with the same great figures and cards that make the game so accessible. Again, I don't necessarily need any more dungeon tiles, but more figures and character options would be great! I know that D&D has a whole bunch of minituare molds laying around, if they could just inject them with plastic, and print out a couple of hard-stock cards, I'd be happy. There could even be themed packs, like Dragonlance, Dark Sun, or Temple of Elemental Evil.

The other thing I'd like to see are rules for expanidng a hero beyond level 2. Maybe markers that could be added to character cards that already exist to indicate advanced levels and stats.
A Undermountain game would be cool, Halaster is a real iconic villain from Forgotten realms, maybe they could tie it in with an expansion to Lords of Waterdeep somehow.
Would be kinda hard though, seeing as LoW is not miniature based, but maybe it could have some encounter cards or maybe a unique hero, representing one of the lords.
I would KILL for a Dark Sun board game! In term of marketability, though, Undermountain is the smart choice.
Dark Sun Setting would be nice. I'm reading the old books at the moment.

Or maybe a board game with more depth and focus on adventure and not just killing monsters.
I like the Board Games but one thing that i don't like is that you have to move and rush through otherwise you are forced to draw another encounter card...

I would love to see someting like HeroQuest with no Game master, random dungeons, 3D paper interior.
When I think about the types of minsters that D&D Adventure System could still use, I think of Owlbears, Dryads, Displacer Beasts, Landsharks and such. Combined with the idea of wilderness encounters, I'm wondering if something fey- themed is in order. Crystal Cave?
Rather than a whole new game, I'd prefer that new expansions be done through monster packs (wish granted... Dungeon Command comes with monster cards), and separate packs of treasure and encounter cards. These could be themed packs to add new flavor: feywild, astral sea, urban, or racial like dwarven, elven, or goblin.

Between the three games I've now got all the dungeon tiles, tokens and heroes that I need. Cards are easier to produce and sell and WotC already has a massive pool of customers due to the popularity of the games. In addition, there's only so much space in my house for those massive boxes. The three games already hog space in my games closet.
Packs of treasure, power and encounter cards would be amazing.
I would not pay just for cards or some miniatures.
I prefer full expansion packs with new tiles, adventures, miniatures... like the Heroquest Expansions in the old days.
Since the 3 existing games are based on popular D&D characters and locales, I think that an Eye of the Beholder with Xanathar and Waterdeep based on the old DOS PC/SNES/Sega games would be a good 4th game, and not only are they both popular, but the monsters that would be included would bring new additions as well as ones that would tie into the other 3 board games.  The setting would also be similar to the other 3 in that it is in an enclosed area so that it can be structured to some degree for the board game.  I hope that this line will stay around for awhile because it's alot of fun to play.
I would like to see some "outdoors" style themes.  I know that Dungeon Command has some outdoor tiles that fit, from what I've been told, but a whole game that had some tiles and creatures in that theme would be cool.  A Dragonlance "series" of games, as mentioned by others would be cool, or even a Gamma World series.  I've seen the fan made Gamma world conversion and it looks pretty neat.

I really hope they are considering doing more.


These are excellent board games I have purchased each on the same day they were released and I am constantly loaning them out to friends to play.


The huge amout of "Stuff" included with them made for excellent value for the price.


As I have also purchased all the Dungeon Comand games I am very happy they provided the cards to allow the minis to be used with the CRL games. 


I think both lines have a lot to offer and they should continue.



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