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I had this posted over in 'Modern Deck Help', but I get the impression those cats are only interested in crazy fast tournament worthy decks. I guess I'm not.. This deck does fit the Modern Format, however. Modern excludes Goblin Lackey & Goblin Piledriver which I am totally on board with because of their hefty price tags. This is a casual build, consistency does not necessarily outweigh flavor nor creature variety. Also, I know Goblins aren't a new tribal format by any means, so my apologies to those who are completely bored with the idea.

If anyone here has any experience in building Goblin decks I could use some critique in the way of mana curve. I haven't had the opportunity to play test the build yet, and the sideboard is definitely going to be adjusted for my local meta after I work out the bugs in the deck.

Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. Again, mana curve is my big concern here- I've read it's fairly important- especially for low mana count/red/aggro type decks. right now the deck's mana goes something like this: 1cc-16, 2cc-12, 3cc-9, 4cc-1, 5cc-2

The creature count for some Goblins might seem a bit odd, but I'm trying to maintain a fair amount of variety. I don't want to completely sacrifice deck power and consistency though, so let me know if you see some glaring issues. The sideboard is still in development, it's actually just an extension of the deck at this point. With all the low mana cost cards Land Destruction seems like a viable option. Howling Mine is there for card draw, but I couldn't fit it in with the other spells while maintaining a high creature count. Also, Boggart Ram-Gang is epic, but what can I cut?? It seems too expensive for my mana curve, and I think it's not quite as usefull as the other 3cc cards.