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Settle a debate at my table for me:

Anyone fluent in Supernal gains the benefit the gods do, that they can communicate with anyone even if they do not share a language by speaking it?  Is that right? 
No not unless the PC is a God, an Angel or other Immortal kind. Other creatures with Supernal language can only understand Supernal and read Supernal script, which is a system of hieroglyphics.

RC 69 Languages In The World: When a god or angel speaks Supernal, it can choose to speak so that any creatures that understand a language can understand this Divine speech, as if the speaker used their own languages. Immortals that speak Supernal can understand speech and writing in any language.

Guess I was wrong.  Thanks for clearing this up
Plaguescarred has it right, a PC gaining Supernal doesn't gain True Supernal.  Meaning they can't just speak to anyone.  But would like to add, not all Immortals can speak true Supernal.  Devas are immortals and gain Supernal but don't speak true Supernal.  Except there's a feat I think they can take, but that's it.
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