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I'm in the middle of building my little brother a goblin burn deck, its going to be his 1st deck and he will be using it to learn how to play. I chose a goblin deck because they are cheap, fun to play with and easy to learn with i believe. I thought it would be cool to go out and buy him a Big red foil creature that would be fun to play. Just adding it as a 1 of or possibly 2 of. Somthing that could be a game winner and more importantly somthing that he can be excited to draw into late game. Maybe a big dragon type creature, or possibly one of the $3 chandra planeswalker cards.

Just looking for an idea or suggestion to make sure he has fun with his deck.  
voracious dragon might be fun and not too expensive
Similar to Voracious Dragon is Clickslither.

Same strategy for both cards: get a bunch of goblins out, drop a dragon or an insect that eats em all up to swing the final blow.

Great flavor for both cards imo
Two other fun Goblin-based cards would be Siege-Gang Commander or Reckless One, with the same idea.

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