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So I am going to be running a campaign that has a lot of city-based action.  I have the general story arc worked out, but I'm looking for suggestions for small side adventures/encounters that can take place in an urban environment.  These can be totally unrelated to main story arc or if they are really cool, I'll tie them in somehow.  These side adventures can be small, accomplished in one 3-hr session (or even less) or they can span multiple sessions. They can even be used to introduce a recurring element.

A real plus for these encounters would be to really utilize my city.  My city is built out of dungeon tiles and it's actual physical size 5ftx8ft. One of the 5ft ends is waterfront, the other 5ft end is ag/fields.  If the players move off either of the 8ft sides, I simply place their minis on the other 8ft side of the city to have another 5ft width of city to play across. (Hmm, I hope I described that well enough. So the table and city is 5ft wide, but I play the city 15ft wide) Below is a pic I took of the first mock-up I made of the city. The final version may differ slightly, but this will give you a really good idea of what I'm doing.

Some examples of encounters/adventures I've come up with include:

Tavern brawl leading to city chase
kobold attack on manor house
slave trade in city
religious cult activity in city
attacks on merchants in city
murder investigation
a haunted house

I also have some sewers to design (which will also be involved in the main story arc) so I'd like to incorporate some other adventures/encounters in those too.

So if you have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


Holy crap that is a work of art if ever I saw one! I'd love to have the resources available to do something like that for my players O_O

Cities are good places to use urban legends as hooks for adventures. Haunted locations, monsters lurking in certain back alleys and the like make for good adventure ideas. You can even do something like a scooby-doo style story where the legend is a hoax designed by someone trying to profit off of the victims.

There's also the concept of gang wars adn the impact it could have on the town and the PCs. Nothing like getting caught between two waring factions and be asked to straighten it out for the town.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming

(stares jealously at your city... waaaant...)
One of the Adventures I use to do was get hired to protect an artifact.  Pretty much for one night the characters patrol a warehouse or just a house.  Through the whole night you have them get attacked.  Pretty much they take over at 10pm and defend the place until 6am (or something like that).  Every 15 minutes you ask where they are and where they are patrolling.  Often I have had a rival guild wanting whatever it is and the owner will be in the next day.


Excellent Manchine!  I'll be able to use this one for sure as the party works for the most prominent merchant family in the town (who also happen to be the ruling family that just lost their patriarch).

You could make the PCs use their knowledge of the shortcuts and back alleys to "race" to a goal versus NPCs/Enemies:

Get to the harbor before kidnappers escape with the nobles daughter
Reach the guildmasters house to warn him of the assassins that are coming
Deliver the message before the runner with a false message arrives

etc. etc.
Excellent thanks whipmaster! I actually have a kidnap as part of my story arc later on. I may add in a lower level kidnap and chase.  Would really like to incorporate more movement through the city since I have a nice big city to play in!
this is stolen right off the D&D podcast but its great.
The pcs befriend a shop owner who asks them one day to look after his shop for a few days while he attends to family business in another town or city.
If this is an npc they know and like they should agree happily but if not, he could offer gold or at least a discount at the shop.
after using the shop as a base of operation for a day or two, maybe using that as a way to introduce some new npcs from out of town who come to this shop, or you could have some strange objects come in or go out, the real hook reveals itself.
On day 4 the local thieves guild come looking for the 2000gp the merchant owes them, a loan he took out.
It won't take long to relize he skipped town and left the adventures on the hook for his debt, and now they have to find a way through it.

In the Nentir Vale, all injured creatures are required to wear a name tag!
Houndstooth thanks.  With some modification this will work and can be fit into the story arc.
I was going to say, you could have a thieves guild.  Have them wander through the streets, maybe have one of them get pickpocketed, having a valuable item stolen.

you could have people in the city be sick, like only a few at first, but then if no one does anything you could have an epidemic.  Perception/nature/heal are all usable skills.  Maybe the source is an undead infestation?

Are you interested in Politics?  'cause if your city has politicians, your players might choose to help one win, eihter for money or because they believe in his cause.  THey could put on shows to attract people to rallies, using skills to  talk peopl into voting for him.  hand out flyers or something is another thing they could do.

What sort of homebase do they have?  you could have them purchase or rent a run down building and use thier skills to clean the place up and make it nice again
Something that I was working with in an urban setting involved a series of grisly murders and sinkholes forming out of nowhere uncovering the remains.  It was meant to be a long term hook leading to a Mind Flayer who had been held below the city as a prisoner until he was able to escape his captor (a now dead archmage).  The sinkholes were a side effect of continued errosion and saturation issues with the soil (also a port city) and were unrelated to the murders or the Mind Flayer but it had everyone guessing in six different directions.

Depending on how long you want to keep the characters involved in the city something like this can work (just speed up the time requirements and change what's behind the killings based on level requirements).

The old "Dirty Cops" story would work great.  A city that big, there's bound to be some palms getting greased here and there.  Plus it lets your PCs explore some bigger moral issues with their characters... once they find the dirty guards, do they turn them in for the sake of the communinity and because its the right thing to do, or do they threaten to expose the guard in order to keep him in their back pockets?

On an unrelated note, you have a considerable masterpiece on your hands with that city.  Would you care to explain how you went about it's construction a little more in-depth?  It could even be in a seperate thread as to not distract from this one, but I'm just in awe of what you've been able to accomplish.  I've been wanting to do something similar for a long time, but everytime I sit down for it, it becomes too overwhelming.
Alright, I guess I'll give a little more info and risk any of my players not seeing it here! Which I would doubt. The couple that cruise the forums I don't think venture into this one!

This is highly, HIGHLY abbreviated.  But the story is the elder Lord of this small village, like his predecessors, has ruled over the city/village with benevolence.  The people love him and his family. As the lord of this region, he also serves on a rulling council of the entire, well, I guess "country" for a lack of a better term.  Maybe something akin to the EU.  Anyway, the Lord discovered evil ascending on that ruling council and was killed for it (in a spectacular fashion. the group played out this "prequel" adventure in the form of a 5-encounter, 26th level delve that ended with the Lord being killed by a tiefling and his gargantuan blue dragon)

With the elder lord dead, the young son ascends to ruling the family and region. In over his head, the son essentially neglects his role on the ruling council (allowing the growing evil there to gain in power) to concentrate on the family, its businesses and the city/region. Seems trouble is on the rise. Young lord hires party as "troubleshooters" so to speak.  At this point, the people still love the ruling family. But the rising trouble (which is spured on by the greater evil in order to keep the new Lord at home) has the group busy! One of the very first adventures will result in the creation of the village's first thieves guild. As you can imagine, I have big plans for that guild througout the campaign, and it will play a key role in the final chapters.  I mention this because several suggestions include thieves guilds and rival guilds.  There is only one guild in the city, and it doesn't even exist at the story's beginning.

Mr. Danger, thanks. See above for my bit on a thieves guild.  I like the undead infestation, that’ll work.  As you can see on my city I have a couple of crypts that could work as a source.  Maybe some underground/forgotten catacombs!  Yeah, that’ll work nicely!

Politics is definitely of interest.  Ultimately the political stuff was going to take place on the big stage, not in this little region and village.

Soul Catcher, thanks, I already have plans for one murder investigation.

Barracus, I wish I could say a lot of thought went into the creation of the city, but it didn't really! I wanted to set up a little city that included:

1) A waterfront for trade. The city's economy is trade based and the city is a prosperous trading entity. The buildings along the waterfront are warehouses. The docks WILL entertain ships and I have the Paizo set of ship/boat cards!

2) A section of merchants and a few taverns. In the picture, in the second row off the waterfront is a large tavern (with a staircase visible), this is the tavern owned by the ruling family and is central to much activity at the beginning of the campaign.

3) some residential houses. Most of these will be represented when the party travels off the side of the central 5x8foot map which finds them back on the other side.  Ugh, hard to explain this, but see my initial explanation in my first post.

4) the large building in the middle of the pic is the ruling family's warehouse.

5) the large manor house is that of the ruling family. When the party is not on the central 5x8 foot map, the manor house will be covered with wilderness tiles.

6) the little cabin belongs to an "old" ranger, who is a source for information about the region early in the campaign. He's a regular customer at the taverns.

7) there are some old crypts, a stable or two for caravans, even an old tower. Of course plenty of streets and alleys for hopefully some fun street scenes.

In the end, it was fun to "build" the city.  It took me a few hours to put it together, but it was thoroughly enjoyable to sit down and put my collection of tiles to work. The 8x10 square tiles from the very first dungeon tile set were incredibly useful for this project.

I am hoping I can just come up with lots of city activity to make the space and commitment of tiles to the city worthwhile.  Kinda pointless to have this big elaborate city if the party is going to be off adventuring someplace else for long stretches. A city-based campaign has elicited some concern from at least one of my group members, but I think it is simply because none of us have ever been involved in a city campaign before.

Have you expanded much on the "old ranger"? This guy could have a lot of potential if you develop him correctly.

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Whoops. Accidentaly posted too soon. This ranger could be a:
 Retired Hunter: An old favorite of mine. He used to hunt trolls, ogres, dragons or whatever else fits for your campaign. Many years ago he went off the deep end and killed an entire village to destroy his quarry. In shame of his haste, he fled to a new place (your city) and started over. He is now caught between regret for his actions and satisfaction from his accomplishments. He tries to be helpful to somehow atone for his past.
 Trusted Commander: He lead an elite commando squad, either in the military or as a mercenary. He lead his troops in near suicidal missons, earning success after success until in his hubris he left his assigned position behind to seek glory on the battlefeild. His choice left the defenseless village or unsuspecting army vulnerable, and it was nearly destroyed. he was stripped of his rank and banished, but not killed, because of his heroic past.  Alternatively, he thought he killed his men on a misson and left to forget the bloodhed. Now a member of his old outfit is coming back for revenge.
 Infamous Brigand: He used to be a cutthroat bandit king, either working alone or leading a vicious guild. He killed hundreds in his work, and "earned" thousands of gold peices, becoming a local legend. One day he (and his guild) came under attack of a well-organized brotherhood of knights, intent on stopping him and changing him. As the battle was ending, and he was losing, a monsterous beast attacked, seeing an easy meal. All of the brotherhood aside from the paladin commander were killed. The paladin then sacrifised his life to save the ranger and kill the beast. The ranger left, feigning death to his former kingdom, and has moved here. he still wonders why he was spared, and whether his life of selfhishness has been a waste.
 If you are lookign to tie him into the campaign, perhaps the theives guild you mentioned needs a scout, or threatens to reveal his past, or any number of things.
 Good luck, hope i didn't waste your time. Oh, and good work on the city.   

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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Some other ideas...
 The Con Artist: Many citizens are complaining about a recently arrived merchant whose products are less than quality, if even real. Swords, scrolls, maps, food, silks, and much more disappear or turn into ragged scraps of linen and rusted pieces of scrap iron after a few hours. However, descriptions of this merchant vary, as well as his location and strategy. In truth, the merchant is a changeling illusionist trying to collect enough money to pay off the assassins sent after him, or the bandits holding his brother captive. The changeling could sell a fake artifact to the party, or trick them into investing into his "new" silver mine. 
 The Eccentric Wizard: A rather odd wizard has recently arrived in town, along with his collection of experimental research subjects. While waiting to meet with a fellow scholar, his collection breaks free and begins to run rampant through the town. These could vary from giant snakes to dragonspawn to spriggans to anything else exotic. He could decide to stay in the town, securing future adventures like miscalculated invisibility spells or causing the town to temporarily fall into the feywild/shadowfell. If the heros prove patient enough to tolerate him, he might return the favor one day with a suprising amount of competence in a dire situation.
 The Hive Queen: Farmers and merchants alike have reported missing pets and small loved ones, a rumbling sensation beneath thier feet, and sightings of activity at nearby caves. Those who investigate disappear, and the recent disappearence of a tough-as-nails corsair has stirred people to panic. A crazed druid has taken control of a colony of giant ants (or kruthicks or ankhegs) and has ordered them to build a network of tunnels that will collapse the city beneath the water, "cleansing" it of the chaos of those "savages".
 A question: Does the city have a temple or religious institution, or is there one nearby? I like temples as both a soure of quests and a supplier of a raise dead ritual for a significant favor. Quests could be tied with who the temples venerates:
 Pelor/Raven Queen: Necromancy Cabal attacks
 Bahamut: Clan of Tiamat-worshipping dwarves coveting the temple treasures
 Erathis: An overly zealous renegade anarchist hopes to "liberate the masses"
 They also are a good source for the generic mysterious paladin and religous holiday quest hooks.
 Hope this helps.             

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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The FC, thanks for the suggestions!  Some good ones in there.  I do already have a cult adventure planed, it's under the city.

The old ranger is pretty straight forward. I already have planed a different NPC that is going to be a significant source of intrigue.  He's going to be very much of interest to the party, and my hope is that if I play him right, the party is never going to really be sure if this guy is a friend or foe. In reality, he's neither, but his own interests are mutual to the party's!  He appears for the first time during the second encounter with thugs at the tavern. This encounter will sum him up perfectly (not that the party will be able to realize that fact): he wants the thugs dealt with too, but wants the party to do the heavy lifting...  I sincerely hope I can play him to his potential!

No one seems to have touched the sewer idea much, so here goes...
 The Unlikely King: Rare and antique merchandise is being stolen at an increasing rate. But along the priceless paitnings and bottles of imported perfume, worthless trinkets and broken bobbles have also disappeared. No one so far has thought that this theft could be linked to the absence of a well-loved bard and his musical band that was supposed to arrive days ago, but if they did, they would be correct. An arrogent goblin has set up a flourishing base in an old part of the sewers, and is transforming it into a cultured palace. this self-proclaimed king has kidnapped the bard and his band and is forcing them to constantly play masterpieces over and over agin. The king does not know culture from trash, but his loyal construct servents do not care to argue, only to serve. The king is planning on taking over the city and making it the capital of his new empire.  
 This one should be used only after the party has become a common name around town.
 The Heroic Explorers: Having grown up on the streets, a pair of street urchins have learned to depend and support each other to survive, and in the process, both have become blood brothers. Their favorite pastime is the recreation of heroic deeds in their imaginary adventures. They have learned of the party's deeds and hold them in high regard as thier new models, which explains why they have rushed deep into the sewers after a drunkard convinced them that a sword the party needs has been lost to a nest of spiders. The story the drunkard told is mostly false, except for the fact that a brood of spiders has indeed taken up residence in the sewers. He also forgot to mention his veneration of Lolth, but how could that be of importance?   
 By the way, what are your plans with the "old tower"? I can see this easily becoming the party's base after a few levels.
 Hopes this helps   

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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FC, great stuff.  In fact, the first idea with the goblin king I can actually tie in early as the PC will be dealing with some goblins and the fact that the city is so dependent on trade.  Great stuff.  Really like the kid adventurers too.  thanks again.
Here's a good adventure to introduce low-level characters to the whole town in short order.

Like any city, it has vermin. Doesn't really matter what -- make something up (chickencats, one-eyed rats, moonsnakes). One of them gets into a wizard's workshop and swallows a valuable ring, jewel, key, or other magical dingus, then disappears behind the wainscote. The owner hires the characters to track down and capture the critter (but not kill it -- that might damage the item). They have some means of homing in on the item's magic, but the creature is fast and able to go just about anywhere. It leads them on a merry, frustrating, dangerous chase through the best and worst parts of the town (the thieves guild, a rich merchant's harem, the mayor's dining room) before they figure out how to corral and catch it. 


If your only tool is a warhammer, every problem looks like a gnoll.

My constant appearence must be getting annoying, but i really have too much time on my hands...
 Here are two more waterfront/marine themed quests...
 The Paraniod Pirate: Every seasoned mariner has the slightest fear of the denizens of the deep, and with good reason. The sparse tales of krakens and hydras told in the seaside taverns have been replaced with fresh tales of a monsterous shark with far greater intelligence and malice than any other of its kind. The stories were mostly dismissed as outlandish exagerations until the wreckage of a small fishing ship washes ashore with holes the size of men and spare teeth the size of daggers. The stories seem to say that the shark always swims back in the same direction, farther up the coast toward the ruined tomb of a pirate captian. A small scout force of sahuagin are hoping to conquer the coast with their magically possessed shark. They have made a base farther up the coast inside the expansive tomb of a pirate captian who wanted to be buried near the sea. This captian was the victim of several attempted mutinies, and in fear that his former crewmates may insult him in in death, he has rigged elaborate traps and built false passages all throughout his resting place.
 The Storm Priest: A recent drought has struck the feilds of the city, and farmers are growing frantic and tense as their crops wither. A travelling cleric of Kord has heard of the towns plight and has appeared to help. He says that he can end the drought with a great storm, but he needs to preform a ritual that requires the power of a storm. The nearby warrens built into the sea shore by stormclaw scorpions seems an ideal place to search.
 Did you miss my earlier question? I asked what you planned to do with the "old tower", but you never responded. 
 Have you thought of quests relating to the party members' races? A knight whose family was killed by lycanthropes confronting a shifter could lead places...
 Hope this helps           

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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FC, it is not annoying at all! Actually both of these suggestions are awesome and I can easily integrate them.  I will be working PC backgrounds into the story, but we are a ways away yet from starting this campaign and the players have not even begun to "roll up" characters, though I hope they are at least starting to think about it.

BTW, I wrote up the adventure of the "Unlikely King". It turned out well and literally flew out of my fingers as I had already worked some goblins into my story arc just before where I placed the King scenario. I'd be happy to send you a copy or post here on the MB.  Maybe I'll just do that, in another thread and solicit some feedback.

Did see your question on the old tower.  Not so sure yet what I will do with the old tower.  If you look on the map, you'll see that its physical size is very small, so I was thinking of an extra dimensional space inside.  Something like that will wait for later levels however (and I may tie it into the part of the story where the ruling family falls from grace due to the machinations of the evil power). But I am looking forward to using my "Arcane Towers" sets of Dungeon Tiles!

However, I think I am liking the idea of having the tower be the old residence of a long-dead mage of not insignificant might.  The tower (and extra-dimensional space) holds residual magic in it that seems to attract magic-using beings of various ilk. I could periodically have someone, or something take up residence there and the party is called upon to deal with it. This could tie in with my idea above with the party at that point assuming whoever had moved in was not so dangerous a threat to the ruling family, just as the case had been on every previous incident.
A traveling gypsy troupe/circus. All being shapeshifters of some sort and thieves. All dopplegangers would be cool. Throw in some illithid or free willed undead. I could see a lot of possibilities here. If someone suggested something similar then I apologize, I have read a lot of threads today and things might be blurring together. lol
A political/trade involved quest, to emphasize the city's main income
 The Dwarven Diplomat: Many merchants have heard of a promising event that will increase buisness twofold, and they greedily await the coming of a dwarven prince representing a kingdom that has not shown itself in a millenia. A new dwarven king has done away with the xenophobic and isolationist traditions of his crumbling kingdom, and has decided to open trade with the surfacers. He has heard of (city name) as a prominent trading post and seeks a trade agreement as the flagship of his new policy. He has sent his son, a charismatic orator, to secure the deal. His son believes in his father's ideals, and has taken a company of dwarven craftsmen and traders as well as guards with him. The party is hired to protect him until an official agreement and a celebration can be reached. However, dwarves loyal to the late king and tradition have accompanied the caravan, hoping to wreck the agreement, or at the very least, kill the prince.
 Have you thought about a black market in the city? A quest involving an illegal system that not only ships poisens and private records, but much needed supplies to a war-stricken country that lies in the grasp of a tyrannical autocrat could stretch the party's morals and decision making abilities.
 Hope this helps 

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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TFC, good stuff as always! Especially like the dwarven diplomat! That one will work well indeed!
Sorry I have taken a bit longer than normal to post. Truth be told, i am slowly bleeding out of creative juices, at least for a while. I also apolagize if these ideas are of a lesser quality than older posts; apples taken from the bottom of the barrel taste worse than those from the top.
 This one expands more on the kobolds from a while back, if you haven't put much thought behind them.
 The Virtuous Dragon: Over the past few days, a growing collection of merchants and traders have arrived in town with stories of bandits and a local hero, as well as no merchandise at all. Some are just grateful, some frustrated, and many more are a bit of both. A group of organized kobold bandits are attacking along a semi-popular highway with suprisingly efficent tatics, and when the battle seems lost, a large copper dragon appears down from the sky, driving off the kobold raiders with little trouble. The merchants are happy to be saved, but less so when the dragon aks for their wares as compensation. But not many merchants are foolish enough to refuse a dragon that not only saved thier lives, but has the power to taken them as well. A copper dragon has taken control of a kobold clan, and is setting ambushes along the popular roads. But more greedy than violent, he pretends to rescue the merchants in return for great reward, while neither they nor any kobold has perished.
 The Hired Hunter: Every few years, many of the lesser and a few of the greater merchants organize a hunt in a nearby set of ruins, a few miles of old stonework temples and crumbling castles from a long since gone tribe of lizardfolk. The victor of this event goes to whoever brings back the largest carcess, and all of the participants have been known to cheat, if only minorly, in the past. The party has been honored by being invited by one of the merchants to accompany him in the hunt. At first, the hunt for the boars and wolves seems perfectly normal, untill the merchant leading the group informs the party that a few of his scouts reported a tremendous bear lives inside one of the hilltop temples on the edge of the hunting grounds. Upon arrival, the party is attacked by overwhelming numbers of hired brignads and is forced to flee inside the temple. Anouther merchant has hired criminals and mercenaries to kill his rival, and all who accompany him. Alternatively, the temple the merchant leads the party to is rumored to be inhabited by monsterous beings that destroyed the lizardfolk, and the party is sealed inside. They must get out before the merchant tracks and kills their sponser.

 The Infernal Advisor: About a decade ago, an avaricious merchant made a deal with a representative of the Nine Hells. He would gain a consort (a vizier devil or a succubus or a corruption devil) that could predict the outcome of almost any deal or investment, and in a few years, he would complete an unnamed favor. Now that ten years of steady gain and profitable ventures has passed, the devils have come for thier favor. A long time ago, a powerful wizard broke a deal with the devils, and kept a powerful book of infernal power from the devils because he knew that with it, they could enfore age old deals and pacts with both other devils and humans that would give them much power. That book exchanged many hands, and now the devils have learned that it has been locked away inside an old tower in (name of city). The merchant has hired the party to break into the tower and escort him for the purpose of finding an old family heirloom. Or the merchant has regretted his rash descision, and has secretly researched a ritual that will destroy the book, but when the devils find out of this treachery, he will need protection from thier hellfire wrath.
 You could also base an adventure around a merchant that gets his wares from the dead by pilfering thier tombs, and sells them at rock bottom prices. Its a quest in Oblivion, should be inclined to investigate further.
By the way, i have not implemented any of the ideas suggested; if you choose to use them, i would appreciate it if you told me how they were constructed and how they went. Thanks.
 Hope this helps.  

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. -Revelation 21:6

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.-John Donne, Meditation XVII

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TFC, thanks again for the suggestions. The infernal advisor will work out well! Those ideas that I write up I'll post back!
Hey Sar, a few questions...
 What is the area around the city? You have given details about buildings and locations within the city, but what of importance lies close to its walls? Also, how far are you willing to let the party travel away from the city, just the nearby feilds and coasts, a daytrip to a nearby village, the mountains seen everyday on the horizon? What creatures are native/common to the area?
 Another two ideas, since i dislike posting on a thread without adding to the original purpose...
 The Naive Knight: One of the city's more prosperous merchants is both very fond and pround of his son, who has shown talent and honor that most can only envy. But he has his faults, like any other; he is both haunty and rather glory-obsessed, and it is these traits that have lead to a predicament. The son has joined a brotherhood of knights who travel the lands, doing what good they can with theives and thugs that plauge the streets. But rather than proving himself normally, with an escort of the town guard, the son has claimed he can kill a rather powerful pirate who, rumor has it, is hiding in the city docks for a while. The merchant is worried about his son, and knowing the party as an experienced force, he has hired the party to protect his son. But they must protect him without being noticed, and aid him secretly to maintain his honor.
 The Reluctant Enforcer: Any local gambler knows that in order to make a lot of money, you need some to start with, and the place that comes from seldom matters. But no sober and sain gambler would accept a loan from The Snake. The Snake is one of the seedier and downright cruel merchants in the city, with his hands in many pockets and greasing many palms. His specialty is loaning, and one of his newest victims has become one of his most savored assets. A now infamous monk came to town a few weeks ago, originally planning on staying a night and passing through on his world treking journey. But the monestary life has taught him little of deals and loans, and after taking a loan to feed a few of the poorer families he bumped into, he has been forced into working off his debt as an enforcer. He hates his work, but law and vow define his life and he has no intention of breaking it now. The merchant is reluctant to give up such a compentant and intimidating enforcer, but he has some dirty work that needs done, and the party seems an ideal fix. He could have the party: bribe a few important officials and guards, rescue an agent of his from being hung, silence (somehow) the local heralds that warn the town of his influence, or blackmail rather persistant guardsmen. Of course, the party is not exactly enthusiastic about publicly working for him, so they must either work for him in secret, somehow annul the monk's posistion (and make a powerful enemy in the process), or get the merchant arrested/ out of the picture, thereby eliminating his growing corruption.
 Hope this helps

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