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I've been seeing less and less cards by him. And he has no basic land in Innistrad. It almost feels like he's being phased out.

Am I paranoid?
In one of the Savor the Flavor articles, they talked about block planning, and how the roster of Mirrodin artists differed from Innistrad artists to achieve unique mood and feel. I guess John Avon doesn't fit in Innistrad, which has a more classical, less digital, look. 

There is a decent chance he'll get to do the promo lands again, he gets them a lot (Mirrodin, Ravnica, Lorwyn, Alara, and Scars which I just looked up:
I can confirm John is still painting for Magic, I am unable to say more than that or I will be sent to Guantanamo Bay.  ;)
His style just didn't fit.

so yes, you are being paranoid :P

as for going digital, nothing wrong with it. Working with digital cameras and editing has given me a ton of freedom that I never had when working with film

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