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So I'm fairly new to Magic (not card games, just the Magic series) and I've never been to or watched a tournament. I have decided that I want to go to the Innastrad Prerelease and I am a little bit nervous. I don't know how to build a good deck from a sealed pack or even how to act towards other people there. Does anyone have any advice for me at all in any way? Whether its a suggestion on dealing with deck building, or behaviour, or anything else. Please if you have any advice, suggestions or opinions please don't hesitate to let me know. I really hope to have fun there and it would really help me feel more at ease with this all.
I found this very useful.

It has information about the set (new mechanics and cards) as well as how most prereleases go down.
I think you might get a better response over in the Limited forum.  People there will more than likely be glad to offer you tips. ;)
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Well, the first thing to remember is this: sealed tends to be driven a bit by what you happen to open.  Skill still matters, and a skilled player will win more with the same card pool and an unskilled one, but if one guy has the bombs and you don't, nor did you get much luck with answers, there's nothing you can really do.  Of the major tournament types (draft, constructed, sealed), sealed has the highest luck factor.  So accept that going in.

Review the cards in the spoiler before hand, so you've got some part of card evaluation done.  That'll make it easier to decide what colors to play, what cards in those colors to run.  And, of course, what cards you are likely to see based on what colors your opponent is running.

Usually what I do is sort by color first and foremost.  Then scan each color and see what colors are playable/strong and which aren't, as well as where my answers for various things are.  For instance, I might lightly splash red for some artifact removal, even if I have nothing else that I really want to play in red.  And then build your deck, paying attention to synergies, mana curve, creature count, removal needs, and so on.

Be sure you brush up on the rules a bit, make sure you do things in the proper order, that sort of thing.  But since it is a new set, new mechanics, new cards, lots of casuals that don't usually play in tournaments, there's going to be more mistakes made than usual.  So be cool.  And don't be afraid to call a judge over to answer any questions you might have.

Be nice and friendly.  Don't let one jerk get you down.  You're there to have fun.

Don't leave any valuables alone.  Keep 'em with you or with someone you trust.
I can tell you right now that prereleases are absolutely awesome and there's nothing to worry about unless you get mugged, but that could happen to anyone.

When you open your packs, sort your cards by color.  The two colors you have the most of are the ones you should run.  Stick to 16-18 land.
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Well, a couple of guidelines.

1) Know the set.

It's not that you need to have the set memorized, but you need to know the themes for each color and have an idea of the general strategy.

In general, Innistrad is about Sacrifice.  Outside of Red, a lot of the cards in Innistrad care about how things die, and if they can use them when they're dead. Know that the Graveyard is a bigger tool than it would be in a most games of magic, and that it is important not only what is in both graveyards, but getting more stuff into those graveyards to fuel your abilities.

2) Understand BREAD

Bomb. Removal. Evasion. Application. Defense. When you are putting together your deck, be it Draft or Sealed, understanding that the list above is a priority for how you choose which cards are in your deck, and is important for how well you could do overall. Go here to learn more.

3) Don't be afraid to go with lesser colors.

Sometimes, it pays to pay attention to what your card pool is actually saying. Sometimes, it pays to choose a color that has less cards if it has more copies, and hence, more consistency. For example, if I had a bomb in red, and my other majority was white, if I saw that I had a lot of cards that forced people to discard in black, I might be very tempted to run Red Black instead of Red White, even though white has a lot of different quality cards, simply so I know that I had a strong long term game plan.

Now obviously, don't do this unless you are comfortable with the plan. Just remember that sometimes card quality and similar effects count as being stronger then what the card pool can appear to be.

4) Get Sleeves.

This is one of those things you don't normally have to think about, but with the transformation gimmick, you need to consider that you might want to play with Double Sided cards. Even if you decide to use the Proxie Cards, it might be a wise idea to sleeve your cards anyway, so that people don't know what possible colors you might be running. Not that the information should give too much away, but it could make a difference if your opponent can get a sense if you are running tribal, and what kind of hosers they can bring in. This should be a minor concern, but information is important. This time around, sleeve your cards.

5) Mana Mix

Because there are a lot of rare lands in Innistrad, you will likely have one in your opening packs, maybe more than one. If you do decide to play with the new lands, be sure you cover your mana basics first. at least 16 of your land should be basics (Unless you are lucky and get a new Dual). After that, you can splash in other kinds of land. Also watch your mix. Having the wrong mix of land can be detrimental to your path to victory.

6) Relax.

You are going to have two large groups of players at Pre-Releases. You are going to have the people there that are really competitive, and wants to be on the cutting edge of the new set, and then you are going to have the people who are not really used to this whole thing, and just want to open and play with some new cards. My recommendation is just play out all the games in the matches. The longer you play, the more likely you will face off against decks that are of your skill level and card pool, and the better quality your games will end up being. At that point, the game really starts becoming fun. So just hang in there, and enjoy looking at all the new cards do their thing.
Most important piece of advice I would give you:

Make sure the event organiser knows you are new to the game and that you havent played in a tournament before. Its nothing to be embarrassed about (we were all new once). You will need to fill in a card to get a DCI number before the event starts, and they will need to explain how they do things at their events (there might be table numbers, notice boards, lunch breaks etc to know about).

~ Tim
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Not bad. But what happens flavor wise when one kamahl kills the other one?
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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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Is algebra really that difficult?
Survey says yes.
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I love this description. Like the cows are sponges filled with milk. I can see it all Nick Parks claymation-style with the cow's eyes bugging out momentarily as a giant farmer squeezes it like a squeaky dog toy, and milk shoots out of it.
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And no judge will ever give you a game loss for playing snow covered lands.
I now have a new goal in life. ;)
Wow, thank you guys so much for all the advice. It is so helpful. I'll do my research on the strategies of building a deck for Limited, and contact the store regarding some questions.

Um, I dont mean to sound ignorant, but what exactly are sleeves good for? All I can think of is keeping stuff off the cards. Isn't it a pain to either shuffle with the sleeves on or have to take all the cards out, then put them all back in?
Sleeves are essential, especially in Innistrad (Dual Face Cards are something you want to keep hidden if you can), because they keep your cards clean and protect the corners/edges from wear and tear so that $35 Planeswalker you open stays crisp and in good condition.  Shuffling with sleeves is actually a lot easier than without for me because I have used them for so long, I can never play with unsleeved cards again.

Also, you probably aren't going to bring your own basic land and I know a lot of shops have land boxes that contain less than pristine condition land.  I can't tell you the number of times I have made a different play because I knew my opponent was drawing land or holding land because he played with beat up shop land.
Sleeves protect your cards, especially from 'chipping' that occurs to unsleeved cards - most, if not all competitive players use sleeves, because it's just not worth damaging your cards. Sleeves actually make it easier to shuffle the cards for a lot of people - while I certainly have some sleeves that don't, I currently use some plain colored sleeves (I think they're Ultra Pro but not sure) which shuffle fantastically.

Swapping cards out doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes for a 60 card deck. For a limited deck you'll probably have your sleeves ready and unsleeved before the event, so you'll just have to sleeve up which doesn't take long at all.

For Innistrad in particular sleeves will be useful due to the transform mechanic - if you're not using sleeves you'll need checklist cards, which is fine, but consider it a good reason to start using sleeves anyway.

I remember back at the Scars of Mirrodin prerelease my opponent in the final round hadn't used sleeves, and had really chipped up a lot of his cards, including a Sword of Body and Mind. If you're going to invest your money in a card game you should probably protect your cards! :-) 
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I think most people here have covered the actual Magic/Innistrad/card points.  I'd like to add a bit to the general "new player/how to act towards other people" idea.

1.  Tell people you're new and that this is your first tournament (btw, I wholeheartedly agree that Sealed is the best way to start, and prerelease is so much fun).  As LMTRK said, we were all new once.  Most people will be really nice and helpful.  Ask questions before and after games but don't interrupt others' games.  As you're playing, it's perfectly fine to ask for clarification on a card and the rules, both from your opponent and the judge.  If you have a bye, use the time to watch other matches and learn.

2.  If you're lucky, find a mentor or two.  Some of the people at Magic events are really weird and anti-social but most are good folks.  Maybe you see a guy who looks friendly and laid back -- ask him if he'll look at your card pool and your deck and see how they look.  At my first prerelease I asked a couple of people to look at my deck and got some great tips.

3.  It sounds corny, but practice good sportsmanship.  Introduce yourself to your opponents, shake hands, and play fair.  Take both winning and losing gracefully.  Be the person you'd like to play!

3a.  DON'T be the jerk that people hate to play.  The one who is bossy and overbearing, the one who has a tantrum and quits if he loses just a few life points, the one who blames everything but himself when he loses, the one who rubs it in when he wins.

4.  Have realistic expectations.  My goals for my first tournie were:  have fun, learn a lot, and don't come in absolute last.  I met all three goals and was thrilled, could hardly wait for the next event.

I hope you'll report back next week and tell us how it went!

To the point of having fun...

I always bring some decks with me to any event I attend. There is often plenty of down-time between rounds of any tournament, and if you're already happy with the tournament deck you've built and just want to have some fun, it's a good chance to play some pick-up games with other players. I love the chance to play with other players that I've never gamed with before, and will frequently loan one of my decks to someone else who didn't bring any in between tournament rounds just to get a chance to play.
To continue with what Grishny said, bring trades along too. When there are a lot of players around, there's a lot of opportunity for trading. If possible, get a binder for your rares/mythics/foils/other valuable stuff because it's so much easier to find cards in one.

If the event has enough people, they may run drafts for people who drop from the tournament. They're an excellent way to get more cards while having control over what you're getting and you can expect to play the less experienced players since they're the ones who tend to drop. 

Since it hasn't been mentioned: for the love of God shower before the event and wear deodorant. Prereleases tend to be crowded, mostly with men of a social group that is not renowned for being hygenic. Don't be part of the problem.
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It is not logic: it's Magic.

Good point about the trades, but know what your store's rules are about trading, buying, and selling.  My LCS is fine with trades, but if you want to buy or sell a card from another individual, you have to leave the store.  I don't mean you're thrown out; you have to go elsewhere to do the sale and then you can come back in.  At every prerelease I've been to there's at least one guy with a lot of cash to buy the rares and mythics he'd like to have.
Read spoilers and know the set if you can. This way you can keep an eye out for themes you are wanting to run and cards you want to trade for.

Try not to go after rare cards that don't go along with what you are drafting. (if you get a card or two that you really need for another deck that can be forgiven)

Keep an eye on your things. Might seem like common sence but when you are focusing on other things it can be hard. It is a bummer to have things get lost or taken.

Bring water and snacks. I hate having to pay more money when I don't need to when I get hungry in the middle of a tourney. Be respectful and eat away from people's cards.

Plan ahead- bring all of the things you want/need. You will feel more confident and prepared that you have your deck, sleeves, dice, tokens and other things. Use a good container for them.

I highly reccoment using a paper and pencil to keep score at tourneys. This is a good idea because if someone knocks the table and dice go flying you won't lose your place and it is harder to get cheated should your opponent be shifty.
The fist event I ever went to was a prerelease and It was pretty fun. I find that they tend to more friendly then FNMs and other events. I know there's a good article somewhere on the site that talks about building sealed decks.


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So an update. Me and the girlfriend both went to a prerelease on Saturday. We were both very nervous about it, but it went ok. She placed 17th out of 25 and I placed 22 out of 25 (I blame the fact that I didnt think about my deck enough and built a crappy deck) We both had lots of fun and she even came away with a mythic rare. We both started using sleeves for our cards and there is no way we can go back to playing without them now.

So thank you to everyone for all the support and advice. It helped us out and I think that we are both on our ways to being happy fun-loving magic players
So an update. Me and the girlfriend both went to a prerelease on Saturday. We were both very nervous about it, but it went ok. She placed 17th out of 25 and I placed 22 out of 25 (I blame the fact that I didnt think about my deck enough and built a crappy deck) We both had lots of fun and she even came away with a mythic rare. We both started using sleeves for our cards and there is no way we can go back to playing without them now.

So thank you to everyone for all the support and advice. It helped us out and I think that we are both on our ways to being happy fun-loving magic players

Thanks for the update - was wondering how things went Smile . Good to hear that one is now under the belt and was fun to boot. I have started taking my kids along as my wife doesn't play - nice to have the company and there are always a few others around their age so makes it a great environment for everyone there.
So an update. Me and the girlfriend both went to a prerelease on Saturday. We were both very nervous about it, but it went ok. She placed 17th out of 25 and I placed 22 out of 25 (I blame the fact that I didnt think about my deck enough and built a crappy deck) We both had lots of fun and she even came away with a mythic rare. We both started using sleeves for our cards and there is no way we can go back to playing without them now.

So thank you to everyone for all the support and advice. It helped us out and I think that we are both on our ways to being happy fun-loving magic players

Great to hear back from you.  You weren't last!!  The main thing is you got your feet wet and had fun.  If it's any consolation, I also had a crappy deck; my pool of cards was a muddled mess and I just couldn't build a great combo.  Not the cards' fault, only my own.  I got one mythic too, Olivia Voldaren.  Which one did your gf get?

Great to hear back from you.  You weren't last!!  The main thing is you got your feet wet and had fun.  If it's any consolation, I also had a crappy deck; my pool of cards was a muddled mess and I just couldn't build a great combo.  Not the cards' fault, only my own.  I got one mythic too, Olivia Voldaren.  Which one did your gf get?

[C]Olivia Voldaren[/C], I'm jealous. Of course if I'd pulled her it wouldn't have helped me any more than my [C]Army of the Damned[/C] did since I was in green-white. The all-star cards of the day for me were [C]Travel Preparations[/C] and [C]Kessig Cagebreakers[/C].

Did sneak the [C=Army of the Damned]Army[/C] into my mono-black sac deck this morning though, and won a game when I got it out on turn 7 after playing [C]Bottomless Vault[/C] as my opening land. That was fun.

Great to hear back from you.  You weren't last!!  The main thing is you got your feet wet and had fun.  If it's any consolation, I also had a crappy deck; my pool of cards was a muddled mess and I just couldn't build a great combo.  Not the cards' fault, only my own.  I got one mythic too, Olivia Voldaren.  Which one did your gf get?

[C]Olivia Voldaren[/C], I'm jealous. Of course if I'd pulled her it wouldn't have helped me any more than my [C]Army of the Damned[/C] did since I was in green-white. The all-star cards of the day for me were [C]Travel Preparations[/C] and [C]Kessig Cagebreakers[/C]. Did sneak the [C=Army of the Damned]Army[/C] into my mono-black sac deck this morning though, and won a game when I got it out on turn 7 after playing [C]Bottomless Vault[/C] as my opening land. That was fun.

Olivia is surprisingly uneffective in sealed. I got her, and every removal can hit your 3/3. Furthermore, even if you did steal some creatures, when she dies, you lose all your boards position.

A great card, but not a bomb like Massacre Wurm and the likes.

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Rancor dies to in-response removal.
Yeah... Until next game, where it'll be right back. Seriously, there's no way to deal with Rancor in any format. It should be banned, except Gleemax is a lobbyist for the Rancor party, so that'll never happen.
You can't ban rancor, it just returns to your deck.
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You might want to actually talk to the Flavor & Storyline Board people... since, you know, our whole reason for playing Magic is the flavor. I'm willing to bet you'll get a lot more interest there than in General.
Indeed, both posters down there would be thrilled.
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I think I wasn't direct enough in my last post. I'll try to fix it now. Ahem... NO ONE CARES there you have it.
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When talks about banning Jace first started, I was thinking that I would see him banned come June 20th. But as I think more about it, I don't really think that Jace is the problem anymore. Sure his power level leaves very little to the imagination (opening Jace is like opening a refrigerator box with a naked girl on the inside), and sure his price does have a strong impact on what players choose to play (playing Jace is like being intimate with a woman and she doesn't charge you in the morning), but it is not the source of all the problems in Standard.
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How do people think saving room to print more abilities on cards is dumbing down the game?

Do you really think, say, Akroma would ever be printed if she said, "Akroma can block by creatures with this ability and cannot be blocked by creatures without this ability.  If a creature without this ability would deal combat damage by Akroma would be destroyed, prevent all combat damage that creature would deal to Akroma this combat.  Attacking does not cause Akroma to tap.  If Akroma is blocked and deals lethal damage, it deals the remainder of its damage to the defending player.  Akroma may attack and use abilities that require tapping in the casting cost the turn it enters the battlefield.  Akroma cannot be damaged, enchanted, equipped, blocked or targeted by black or red sources" rather than her "dumbed down" wording she has?  No freaking way.  Keywording and shorthand allows them to make complicated cards easy to play with, allowing them to be printed in the first place.
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The creation of praetors was worth it just because now amoeboid changeling is a praetor.
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1. cast frankie peanuts2. ask opponent "will you concede the game this turn"? if they say yes, you win; if they say no, play a staying power
3. subsequently ask "will you attack this turn"? and "will you cast a spell this turn"? (using a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir for the second question if necessary) to ensure they can't disrupt the combo
4. donate them a platinum angel
5. play a mox lotus and braingeyser them for every card in their library. play an opalescence and donate them a glorious anthem and a blacker lotus, then play enchanted evening. play and activate a mindslaver and then donate them a fastbond and the mox lotus (returning one of the donates to your hand with eternal witness or whatever)
6. during their turn, play every permanent in their hand (playing lands with fastbond) then (as yourself) cast mirrorweave on the blacker lotus, so every permanent becomes a copy of it. proceed to tear up every card they control, and hopefully do it before they notice that they aren't bound by staying power's ability anymore and can concede
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One part of the statement being true=/=the whole statement true.
Whatever. I'm still here about ten minutes away. Whenever you want to get destroyed in Magic, I'm available.
I would like to get destroyed in Magic, actually. Do you know anybody good enough?
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Please format your statements in a way that doesn't look like a baboon hit its face on your keyboard.
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why did Garruk Relentless lose a loyalty counter
to get to the other side
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You're such an obvious troll that you have hexproof and : Regenerate.
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Dark Ritual being overpowered is determined more by what is done with it than the card itself.
True, but the fact that it enables so many ridiculous things is pretty telling. It's like, sure I can use a shotgun as a bludgeoning instrument, but that doesn't make it not a shotgun.
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Shortly before Serra died, she transferred her spark into an angel whose full name was Asha Avacyn Bolas. Her dragon father groomed her for her positions in Alara and Innistrad, and she's also been getting help from her uncle Ugin in the form of Urza, who was resurrected as Marit Lage to be the avatar as which she projects herself into material realms. Grieslbrand is a split personality who sometimes wanders the planes disguised as a human woman named Liliana Vess.
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Yeah that (Content Removed) really annoys me. Moderated by MY_self right about naahowwww!
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Dilleux_Lepaire just won the thread.
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And, as usual, Dilleux wins the entire thread. Nice work, sir, nice work.
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They need to make 9 layers of zones where cards go when they "die". Much like Hell.
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Wow, holy doggy poop, kids, obvious statement is obvious.
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i don't think your geting it WotC is trying to kill the comption to make it so that there shity app is the only one left.
I haven't tried the app. How is its use of English grammar? Cheers!
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Everyone's life would be easier if players would, instead of coming to the 'net for help with a deck, just netdeck and be done with it. And I'm not talking about some Top 8 lists, for the Casualists, too, can benefit from netdecking. I've netdecked plenty of decks from the Casual Play forums from users such as Mown, Raedien, Floopfoot, and a few others. I snatched straight the heck out of my web browser. Yes, people, your original idea fell victim to a savage netdecker. You have been assimiliated. Suppose I wanted a Zombie deck. Why on earth would I spend time searching Gatherer for a decent list of Zombie cards when Raedien already did it for me? Taking time to be creative or waiting on people on the forums to tell you why your deck sucks or 'go to Casual forums' is a disasterous waste of time (to me).
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If WotC started putting $100 bills in packs, the players would complain that they folded them wrong.
No, they just spam them with ban requests. That being said, Magic was ruined back in Alpha when they added all that rules and cards [Debutantes avert your eyes]. My friends and I still like playing it the "pure" way (Basically we go into the woods and hit eachother with wiffle bats while shouting made up obscenities. You know, the way Garfield wanted it to be played).
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Don't worry about it. I've come up with a list of changes to fix EDH. -First off, there's no commander. -The minimum deck size is 60 cards, and each deck can have up to four of each card, save basic lands and relentless rats. Also decks have no color identity. -Starting life total is 20. And voila, now things are balanced.
89522235 wrote:
Here's a clever play you can try yourself: -Convince friend to run relentless rats.dec in legacy tournament -Get a deck with lots of mill, yixlid jailer, and humility -Drop humility and jailer, wait for him to dump his hand, mill him out -All his rats now have no abilities. Call a judge because he's playing an illegal deck with more than 4 of a single card. -Get him/her banned from competitive magic play
142055101 wrote:
But how to mark them without making the individual sleeve different! You could buy a skunk and slam it's butt on you deck (pardon the french) Then after the game just sniff at your opponent's pile of cards and you will know if any of your cards are there!!!
141434757 wrote:
In Soviet Russia, Sorin opens You
71235715 wrote:
L, is for the leather gloves you weaaaar. O, is for the organs that guy could spaaaare. V, is very very, extraordinay. E, is for every vagrant i butchered in a wine cellar befooooore.
57052258 wrote:
The outer layer of the Magic: the Gathering box, the carton, or crust, is fairly thin and light, and contains largely aluminosilcates. Within that lies the middle layer, consisting of the familiar booster pack. Although solid, the booster packs' high temperatures allow them to acutally move around within the booster box. This flow, sometimes called convection, is cited by frustrated box mappers as one of WOTC's most genious uses of thermodynamics since the Ravnica block. No one knows what lies at the core of the booster box, but scientists theorize that it must be especially dense in order to make up for the large amount of fluff distributed amongst the booster packs.
58232598 wrote:
88993869 wrote:
Torpor Orb is absolutely godawful against Vexing Devil.
whoever is playing vexing devil is probably losing anyways
56957928 wrote:
I imagine [Ajani 3's] second ability involves him hurling the creature at your opponent Brion Stoutarm style, then the guy is just like "Okay, that may have worked, but don't- GOD DAMN IT!" as he does it again because cats don't give a **** :33.
56957928 wrote:
"Do or do not, there is no try." - Albus Dumbledore, The Lord of the Rings.
89522235 wrote:
68978039 wrote:
Its like that one time Elves broke out in a field of Jund. Elves became a resurgent hit, then died off again once Jund adapted to the rest of the field of G/W that it required mass removal that inherently pooped on Elves too. Submit to the menace. Delver can, and will blot out the sun.
Then we shall play in the shade.
89522235 wrote:
I'm sorry, this forum isn't for getting bad advice on mediocre decks, that's standard deck help. This forum is for starting ****storms.
97820278 wrote:
139359831 wrote:
Your advice would only lead me to make generic, boring, and unworthy content. It's of no use to me.
I just got this image of you as an architect, having finished a building suspended by only a small pole in its southwest corner, saying it's original. Then the building collapses.
56957928 wrote:
I for one love the flavor of legendary lands. "I remember my days as a youth at Tolarian Academy." "Wow, small multiverse, I actually went there too." "WAIT, DON'T- Well ****, there's $200,000 in student loans well spent."
56957928 wrote:
And flavor goes out the window when you cast a second copy of a planeswalker right after the first one dies, so... "Hey Nissa, I need a favor." "You just asked me for a 'favor' like thirty seconds ago, and it turned out to be having Sarkhan Transmogrify my only follower into a dragon like 5 times -which dickery aside also violates some laws of causality - and then you let me get beaten over the head by that hedron crab." "...I'll give you " "...Well all right then."
57150868 wrote:
GM, I don't think Dill is better than you. I KNOW it. Even if he wakes up every morning, clubs a baby seal, steals all the TV remotes from within a block's radius of his house and then robs hungry orphans of their food he'd be better than you, for the simple reason that he learns from his mistakes.
143211137 wrote:
57033358 wrote:
Tamiyo vs. Gideon
What would they have to fight about? Like, all I can think of now is Gideon going "Hey, long-ears! I'm gathering a group of 'Walkers together to fight some tentacle want in?" and Tamiyo going "Ew! Hentai no bakka Gideon-desu desu!" and flying away.
76783093 wrote:
I open 4 packs just to be on the safe side. Not only do I get more cards than everyone else, but I also get to spend the rest of the night off. Win Win.
191752181 wrote:
MaRo has a thing for people opening boosters with bad cards. But since he can only get so many bad cards printed in each set, he has found a devious way of getting more bad cards into circulation: He makes entire print sheets with just bad rares, then puts them onto the assembly line. He proceeds to wring his hands and twirl his evil mustache that he grew for twirling purposes as a lightning bolt strikes in the background. Afterwards, he goes to make sure that the good cards are only opened by everyone's friends, and that we all only get to open bad cards. He does this by memorising each booster, than switching them around accordingly. Whenever someone complains about a card, he immediately jumps out from behind a chair to yell "WELL, IT'S NOT FOR YOU!" before merging back into the shadows in order to devise new ways in which he can screw over players, then claim that he has valid reasons for doing so.
97820278 wrote:
192729031 wrote:
You open a booster pack, and staring back at you from the rare slot is a Lotleth Troll? At least I can stick him in my EDH deck and still have four for my standard constructed.
Because lol troll
56874518 wrote:
It helped that I more or less skipped most of GM_Champion's longer diatribes. I only have so many brain cells I'm willing to sacrifice each day.
192931349 wrote:
Mark Rosewater is sitting in a seemingly innocuous cable TV van, outside of Bankaimastery's house. Sitting nearby are two hardened criminal hackers, fresh out of prison, and filled with resentment at their lack of physical fitness. "Have you managed to hack his brainwaves yet? The set deadline's coming up fast." "We're almost through. It should be coming up on the screen any second." The hacker presses a button, and Kevin's thoughts flash onto the screen. Mark and the hackers stare in amazement at the sheer beauty, the elegance, and the raw truth of what they see. It's like the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Brilliant light shines across the screen, the truth of existence is made clear to them, and they despair at their own foolishness, their own ignorance, their own inadequacy. And then they steal his ideas. As they return back to R&D, Mark sneers at a haggard old man chained to a cast-iron sphere. The man looks up from his laborious task of breaking rocks in the dungeon of Wizards of the Coast headquarters, and asks a question: "Kevin, my greatest student. He - he's all right, isn't he? You didn't hurt him?" Mark deals him a weighty blow with his boot. "Know your place, Richard. Get back to work."
57023768 wrote:
Now show me on the Garruk doll where Zac Hill ruined your enjoyment of Magic...
63711769 wrote:
I'm only opposed to it because it bears so little relation to how people actually play the game. The example of Miracles is actually a much better one then the Clone example I was trying to use. From the game's perspective, the card can move instantly from face down in the library to revealed in the hand and that's fine for the rules. But in real life, we can't actually do that, so the card spends a good bit of time in locations that are neither where that player's library is nor where that player's hand is. And that's fine for real life. What I don't want is the disconnect to be explicitly codified. Along the lines of
183664.697 A game of Magic as laid out by these rules exists only as a pure Platonic ideal, utterly unrealizable by fallible mortals limited by the confines of physicality and the ravages of evil and sin. 183664.698 The cake is a lie, too.
I know it's true, but I don't want the rules to actually straight-up tell me that.
147137503 wrote:
77120821 wrote:
Pfft this cant be serious can it? If it is please delete your account OP. Its not even close to ban worthy, considering what JTMS and stoneforge had to accomplish to get banned i see the WotC selling magic to aquire Pokemon before that ever happens.
I'm trying to imagine sorin markov as a gym leader in one of those pokemon games which you have to beat him to get his badge... somehow I imagine that he would stab you in the chest with his sword before giving you the badge, even if you beat his pokemon....
196239043 wrote:
Personally, I'd be fine with tea time but then I'm not gonna waste the mana summoning Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. He always takes all the sugar, drinks the whole pot of Earl Grey and doesn't even say thank you. SO. RUDE.


JustTerrorIt wrote:


JuliusPringle wrote:

All I want to do is sit down and play magic, but when I walked in yesterday, (since I didn't talk to anyone) nobody talked to me and I silently bought what I wanted and walked out.

If you don't talk to anyone, that increases the odds that no one will talk to you.


JuliusPringle wrote:

So how do I just... introduce myself? "Hi, my name is Adam, wanna play magic with me?" Do I go to the counter and talk to the cashier?

Yeah. Talk to the cashier. Tell him/her that you want a Black Lotus, and if they don't have one tell them that the store isn't on par with what you expected.


Reach into your back left pocket. Pull out a deck list that you copied directly from some ChannelFireball top 8 Standard discussion, and ask for all the cards, as is, on that list. Then, ask for some random, probably terrible cards from whatever set is Standard legal. Say it's tech for the upcoming changes in the metagame.


Pull out a deck, and tell some random dude you wanna test (you have to use the term "test" for this to work) for Standard. Make sure that deck contains Kitchen Finks and Alluring Siren. Maybe throw in Nyxathid for good measure.


Finally, before you leave, spill (make it look like an accident) one hundred singleton, random cards onto the floor. Pick them up, put them in a pile, and say "EEE-DEE-AYCH".


I know this sounds dumb at first, but it will work. With the method outlined above, you will draw the attention of players that play older formats by asking for cards that no one on Earth can reasonably afford. You will get the attention of the wanna-be pro, Stomp-n00bz players by pulling out a well known decklist and declare that you have "tech" to make it better. You will get the attention of all the kind, helpful players by seemingly not knowing the most common format by having non-Standard legal cards in a deck that you claim is Standard legal. Finally, you catch all the rest of the Magic players by saying "EEE-DEE-AYCH" (EDH (or Commander)).

And there you have it. You will be talking to more people than you would have wanted to talk to in no time.


Smoke_Stack wrote:

EDH is the best format anyway

See, it's starting already.


Break the Card
What is Break the Card?
Break the Card is a regular thread in the Cards and Combo Forum. Quite simply, the participants are given a Johnnystatic card (e.g. Xenograft) and are asked to build a deck around it. The winner and honorable mentions are sigged below. Get brewing!
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This week's Break the Card was based around Xenograft. Thread : Winner : Axterix with his Vampdrazi deck. Finalist : Vektor480 with his Ally/Golem/Plant deck. Honorable mentions : Zammm for the Turntimber Ranger combo and TinGorilla for suggesting Sarkhan the Mad.
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