[ENnies] Announcing the ENnie Awards New Logo Contest!

Hi everybody!

Now that things have settled down from this year's awesome Gen Con, I thought it a great time to announce that the ENnies is changing it's logo. The extremely talented Claudio Pozas designed the awesome logo you see now but it's time for a change.

Starting October 1st, 2011, participants will have until the end of the year, December 31st, 2011, to submit their logo design. The winner will be announced in January of 2012 after the ENnies Staff has combed through the entries and decided on their choice for the future.

So what does the winner get? Not only will they be given credit in all material dealing with the logo but they will receive a code for a free, four-day badge for Gen Con 2012, which runs August 16-19th.

For more information, including the contest rules, check out the Logo Contest Form. Good luck!

Tony Law
ENnies Business Manager
Just a reminder that this has officially started
Reminder: You have a month and a half to get in your logo! :D
This is the last month folks!
Less than 2 weeks to go! :D
This ends tomorrow. If you have a design, now's the time to send it in! :D
The winner has been announced: www.ennie-awards.com/blog/announcing-the...
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