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Hello everyone. This is the lsit of cards in my deck, Perfect Control.  It's not complete, i will be changing stuff around once Innistrad gets here, so i will post the new list later. Here, though, is the current list, sideboards, and cards that I will add from Innistrad. Please leave comments, tips, and info on how to better my deck for the 2012 grand prix. Enjoy.

                                                                Perfect Control  
                                                             Main Deck: 62 cards
                                                            Sideboard 1: 15 cards
                                                            Sideboard 2: 15 cards
                                                             Sideboard 3: 4 cards

                                                                   Main Deck

                                                                   Swamp (14) 
                                                                  Mountain (14)

                                                     Sheoldred The whispering One (1)
                                                                 Platinum Angel (1)
                                                          Geth, Lord Of The Vault (1)
                                                       Skithiryx, The Blight Dragon (1)
                                                                 Sorin Markov (1)

                                                                 Mindslaver (2)
                                                            Quicksilver Amulet (1)
                                                              Druidic Satchel (2)
                                                                 Lux Cannon (1)
                                                             Throne of Empires (1)
                                                             Crown of Empires (1)
                                                            Scepter of Empires (1)

                                                                 Other Spells:
                                                              Act of Treason (4)       
                                                              Geth's Verdict (4)   
                                                           Go For The Throat (3)
                                                              Doom Blade (4)   
                                                              Death Mark (4)
                                                          Grasp of Darkness (1)
                                                               Blood Tithe (1) 
                                                              Sorin's Thirst (1)

                                                               SIDEBOARD: 1
                                                                Lava Axe (3)
                                                          Chandra's Outrage (4)
                                                           Caress if Phyrexia (1)
                                                              Sorin's Thirst (1)
                                                                  Despise (1)
                                                             Swiftfoot Boots (1)
                                                                  Manalith (1)
                                                                Caged Sun (1)
                                                                Mindcrank (1)

                                                               SIDEBOARD: 2
                                                             Tormented Soul (1)
                                                           Elixer of Immortality (2)
                                                             Venser's Journal (1)
                                                              Darksteel Plate (1)
                                                              Volcanic Dragon(1)
                                                           Adaptive Automaton (1)
                                                                Vault Skirge (1)
                                                              Rootbound Crag(1)
                                                            Flameblast Dragon (1)
                                                              Knowledge Pool (1)
                                                             Vengeful Pharaoh (1)
                                                           Rune-scarred Demon (1)
                                                                 Kite Sheild (1)
                                                               Taste of Blood (1)

                                                                 SIDEBOARD: 3 
                                                                    Swamp (1)
                                                              Pristine Talisman (1)
                                                                  Mindcrank (1)
                                                                  Caged Sun (1)  
                                                              INNISTRAD CARDS
                                                           Army of the Damned (4)
                                                        Curse of The Peirced Heart (2)
                                                            Grimoire of the dead (4)
                                                               Past in Flames (1)
                                                         Grimgrin, Corspe Born (1) 
                                                               Balefire Dragon (1)
                                                       Endless Ranks Of The Dead (4)     
                                                             Liliana of The Veil (1)
                                                               Rooftop Storm (2) 
                                                                 Creepy Doll (2)
                                                             Sulfur Falls (7)(land)        
                                                              Olivia Voldaren (1)
                                                       Moan of The Unhallowed (4)

                                                            Please Leave Comments and ideas    

Yeah that's perfect controll. . . if you can survive to turn 6. I mean really you need some low drops your mana curve is just to extreme

Thank you for Readingg 
I do survive to round 6, and i win every game. my deck has a win-lose ratio of 1 loss per 10 games
all my cards, excluding mindslaver and my creatures, cost only 4 or less mana to play. and quicksilver amulet lets me summon any creature for 4 mana.
Deck is garbage

if it has a win lose ratio of 9:1, how is it bad? explain

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