Can Trickbind stop mana abilites?

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I.e Sol Ring

Mana abilities do not use the stack; they are activated and resolved without anyone having priority. You cannot Trickbind a Sol Ring activation.
I.e Sol Ring

No.  Mana abilties don't use the stack and can't be responded to.  By the time you could cast your Trickbind, the ability has resolved and there is nothing for you to target.

The reminder text on Trickbind  reminds you of this.

because mana abilities don't use the stack, and trickbind must target an ability which is on the stack... no, it can't.

However, just because an ability would add mana to your mana pool, that doesn't automatically make it a mana ability...
e.g. Soulbright Flamekin.

Also spells like Dark Ritual and Manamorphose still use the stack, and can be countered just like other spells can be. Spells are not mana abilities.

M:tG Rules Adviser
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