Bethlehem, PA: Basic D&D (B/X, Labyrinth Lord)

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My current D&D group is a lot of fun, but because of scheduling issues, we play pretty rarely. Like, once a month or less. I want to play more often than that, and it turns out that most of my friends are well-adjusted grown-ups who don't want to commit to anything weird like D&D. Fair enough. Solution: start a new game and make new friends.

I will run an ongoing D&D campaign and will do my best to not let it suck. I think I'm a pretty decent DM, but if you don't like it, I will let you walk or storm out as soon as you like. I will try to keep a regular schedule, and will try not to let the game fail to happen just because one player can't make it. I will coordinate scheduling.

I will probably run the game at the Bethlehem Area Public Library, because I have a little kid and am not prepared to invite a bunch of D&D-playing weirdos into my house without first feeling pretty sure they're not terrifying lunatics. That means we'll probably play weekend afternoons or maybe Wednesday nights. This is all open to coordination.

The game will be basic D&D, not 4E. If you are a total dork, it will specifically be 1981 Metzner/Cook Basic/Expert D&D, using the Labyrinth Lord Revised Edition retroclone. The entire set of rules you'd need for this will cost you about $15 to print, so don't panic if you are interested but only own the $80 basic 4E set. This is cheap, and the same set of dice works.

If you're interested, let me know.

P.S., I am not a terrifying lunatic.