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Before I get started, I am a new Magic player and I was directed to come to the casual forums and post my cards list and ask for help designing a fun deck to play with my friends. This is the first time I've done something like this, so bear with me if it's not done properly. I will list the premade decks I have first and what I thought of them as well as what my girlfriend thought about them. Then I will list the rest of my cards and the type of deck I would like to build. Also, I couldn't figure out how to have the card name be a like to show the card, so ya, thats not gonna happen unless it does it automatically. sorry. Anyway, here goes.

Stampede of Beasts (2011 core)   
16  Forest
8  Mountain
2  Awakener Druid
2  Duskdale Wurm
2  Garruk's Packleader
2  Giant Spider
1  Greater Basilisk
2  Llanowar Elves
2  Prized Unicorn
1  Protean Hydra
2  Runeclaw Bear
1  Sacred Wolf
1  Spined Wurm
2  Sylvan Ranger
2  Yavimaya Wurm
1  Act of Treason
1  Back to Nature
1  Chandra's Outrage
1  Cultivate
1  Fireball
1  Fling
2  Giant Growth
1  Lava Axe
1  Lightning Bolt
1  Nature's Spiral
1  Overwhelming Stampede
1  Plummet
1  Whispersilk Cloak
My girlfriend and my nephew both played this deck and both really liked it. It was fun to play with and against. Not my thing though. I didnt like how it didnt have any spells to help control the board a bit.

Breath of Fire (2011 core)
9  Island
16  Mountain
1  Ancient Hellkite
1  Augury Owl
2  Berserkers of Blood Ridge
1  Canyon Minotaur
2  Chandra's Spitfire
1  Cyclops Gladiator
1  Earth Servant
2  Ember Hauler
2  Fiery Hellhound
1  Fire Servant
1  Goblin Piker
2  Goblin Tunneler
2  Prodigal Pyromancer
1  Stone Golem
1  Call to Mind
3  Chandra's Outrage
1  Fireball
1  Foresee
2  Lava Axe
3  Lightning Bolt
1  Negate
1  Preordain
1  Shiv's Embrace
1  Unsummon
I played this deck once, and it wasnt for me either. Despite having some control spells it just didnt feel right.

Sacred Assault (2012 core)
10  Forest
14  Plains
1  Aegis Angel
2  Alabaster Mage
3  Assault Griffin
2  Auramancer
2  Cudgel Troll
2  Elite Vanguard
1  Gladecover Scout
2  Griffin Rider
2  Griffin Sentinel
1  Jade Mage
1  Mesa Enchantress
2  Peregrine Griffin
2  Sacred Wolf
2  Thran Golem
2  Divine Favor
1  Lifelink
1  Lure
1  Naturalize
3  Pacifism
2  Spirit Mantle
1  Trollhide
I had a much better time playing this deck. It was fun, and I could see some interesting mechanics in it. I dont think I played it the best, but it was still more like what I wanted.

Myr of Mirrodin (Scars of Mirrodin)
24  Plains
1  Auriok Edgewright
2  Darksteel Myr
1  Darksteel Sentinel
2  Ghalma's Warden
3  Gold Myr
2  Kemba's Skyguard
1  Myr Battlesphere
2  Myr Galvanizer
2  Myrsmith
2  Palladium Myr
2  Perilous Myr
1  Razor Hippogriff
1  Sunblast Angel
3  Arrest
1  Dispense Justice
2  Inspired Charge
3  Origin Spellbomb
3  Revoke Existence
2  Seize the Initiative
This deck is almost exactly what I want. I am a huge fan of the whole mirrodin block and the whole myr tribe. I just didnt like how most of them are really small creatures that still cost a bit.

Metalcraft (Scars of Mirrodin)
12  Island
12  Mountain
1  Argent Sphinx
2  Blade-Tribe Berserkers
3  Chrome Steed
2  Embersmith
1  Etched Champion
2  Iron Myr
2  Lumengrid Drake
2  Memnite
2  Riddlesmith
2  Silver Myr
3  Snapsail Glider
2  Trinket Mage
1  Accorder's Shield
1  Darksteel Axe
1  Disperse
1  Echo Circlet
3  Galvanic Blast
1  Golem Foundry
1  Golem's Heart
2  Rusted Relic
1  Sylvok Lifestaff
I dont know what it was about this deck, but I found it the most fun. It didnt have a lot of creatures that I love, or any white spells (i prefer white I find) but it was still the most fun. I liked how the mechanics of it worked.

Ok, those are the decks I have played. I find that I like being able to gain life, and i like the whole synergy of a deck that is based on a tribe (myr or angels etc etc) and i like the way that the metalcraft deck worked (the metalcraft mechanic) So thats what I would like my deck to be: tribe based, life gain, some control with a neat mechanic (doesnt have to be metalcraft. I dont know all the different mechanics yet)  I dont really care what color, but I do prefer white, then green and blue, then red, then black.

I will list my current cards in subsequent posts (I am always gaining new cards, so this list could be out of date soon enough, but I will update the post as i go) You will see that I have a lot of colorless cards and artifact cards. followed by white, then red, then green, then black, then blue. And then a few tokens and special lands.

expedition map x1
glint hawk idol x2
golden urn x2
golem foundry x1
Gremlin Mine x3
ichor wellspring x1
mycosynth wellspring x2
necrogen censer x1
Nihil spellbomb x2
Origin spellbomb x3
panic spellbomb x1
pristine talisman x2
Shriekhorn x4
tumble magnet x3
auriok replica x1
bladed sentinel x2
blinding souleater x1
chrome steed x1
corpse cur x2
dross ripper x3
gold myr x1
gust-skimmer x1
hexplate golem x1
hovermyr x2
ichorclaw myr x1
immolating souleater x2
insatiable souleater x2
iron myr x1
leaden myre x1
moriok replica x1
neurok replica x1
perilous myr x1
Pestilent Souleater x3
phyrexian digester x3
phyrexian hulk x2
razorfield rhino x1
razorfield thresher x3
rusted slasher x3
saberclaw golem x1
silver myr x1
soliton x1
spin engine x2
sylvok replica x2
tangle hulk x1
training drone x3
trespassing souleater x2
vector asp x1
wall of tanglecord x1
accorder's shield x2
bladed pinions x2
blight sickle x1
copper carapace x1
echo circlet x2
flayer husk x1
strider harness x1
sylvok lifestaff x3
contagion clasp x1
conversion chamber x2
crystal ball x1
culling dais x2
demon's horn x1
liquimetal coating x1
rusted relic x2
shrine of burning rage x1
shrine of loyal legions x1
shrine of piercing vision x1
surge node x1
trigon of thought x1
brass squire x1
core prowler x1
darksteel sentinel x1
golem artisan x1
juggernaut x1
kiln walker x1
memnite x1
phyrexian juggernaut x1
plague myr x1
viridian claw x1
darksteel axe x1
heavy arbalest x2
infiltration lens x1
Mortarpod x1
necropouncer x1
strandwalker x1
darksteel juggernaut x1
darksteel plate x1
decimator web x1
lashwrithe x1
phyrexian revoker x1
precursor golem x1
steel hellkite x1
sword of vengeance x1
**Mythic Rare
Mindslaver x1
sword of feast and famine x1
Angel's mercy x1
apostle's blessing x4
banishment decree x3
divine offering x3
fulgent distraction x1
master's call x1
niveous wisps x1
seize the initiative x1
war report x3
whitesun's passage x1
Ardent recruit x4
assault griffin x1
auriok sunchaser x2
blinding mage x1
ghalma's warden x1
kemba's skyguard x2
Lost leonin x2
loxodon partisan x2
loxodon wayfarer x2
makindi shieldmate x1
peregrine griffin x1
salvage scout x3
sensor splicer x1
shriek raptor x1
sunspear shikari x1
suture priest x3
tine shriek x1
Remember the fallen x1
revoke existence x1
solemn offering x1
celestial purge x1
condemn x1
exclusion ritual x3
spirit mantle x1
Abuna acolyte x2
accorder paladin x2
auriok survivors x2
leoni relic-warden x2
master splicer x2
myrsmith x1
razor hippogriff x1
roc egg x1
white sun's zenith x1
greater auramancy x1
personal sanctuary x1
blade splicer x1
kemba, kha regent x1
victory's herald x1
**Mythic Rare
artillerize x1
burn the impure x1
concussive bolt x2
ember gale x1
fling x1
galvanic blast x2
goblin war paint x1
kuldotha rebirth x2
melt terrain x3
rally the forces x3
ruthless invasion x1
scrapyard salvo x1
shatter x1
shock x1
turn to slag x2
victorious destruction x1
volt charge x1
blade-tribe berzerkers x1
blisterstick shaman x2
bloodcrazed goblin x1
ferrovore x1
flameborn hellion x3
flameborn viron x1
furnace scamp x3
goblin piker x1
lightning elemental x1
manic vandal x1
ogre menial x2
ogre resister x1
oxidda daredevil x3
razor swine x2
slash panther x1
vulshok berserker x1
vulshok heartstoker x1
Act of aggression x1
arc trail x2
jaws of stone x1
metallic mastery x1
rage extractor x1
barrage ogre x1
bloodshot trainee x1
embersmith x2
ember hauler x1
oxidda scrapmelter x1
priest of urabrask x2
vulshok refugee x2
cerebral eruption x1
red sun's zenith x1
ancient hellkite x1
galvanoth x1
hellkite charger x1
hoard-smelter dragon x1
invader parasite x1
moltensteel dragon x1
**Mythic Rare
blunt the assault x2
dryad's favor x1
giant growth x1
glissa's scorn x3
hornet sting x1
leeching bite x2
mutagenic growth x1
pistus strike x1
primal cocoon x1
tanglesap x1
unnatural predation x4
untamed might x2
viridian harvest x2
alpha tyrranax x1
blightwidow x2
carapace forger x2
crabapple cohort x1
cystbearer x2
fangren marauder x1
giant spider x1
glissa's courier x1
glistener elf x1
Molder beast x3
maul splicer x1
runeclaw bear x2
tangle mantis x3
tel-jilad fallen x2
thundering tanadon x1
viridian betrayers x1
viridian emissary x1
Beast within x1
carrion call x1
noxious revival x1
viridian revel x3
acid web spider x1
bellowing tanglewurm x2
brutalizer exarch x1
lifesmith x1
melira's keepers x4
mycosynth fiend x1
plaguemaw beast x1
quilled slagwurm x2
Chancellor of the tangle x1
engulfing slagwurm x1
ezuri, renegade leader x1
**Mythic Rare
Liege of the tangle x1
Geth's verdict x2
grim affliction x1
horrifying revelation x1
instill infection x3
mind rot x1
morbid plunder x3
parasitic implant x2
psychic miasma x2
spread the sickness x1
tainted strike x2
virulent wound x3
bleak coven vampires x1
blind zealot x1
blistergrub x2
bloodrage vampire x1
bloodthrone vampire x1
bog raiders x1
caustic hound x1
contagious nim x1
crypt ripper x1
dross hopper x3
dementia bat x3
flensermite x2
gravedigger x1
guul draz vampire x1
hagra crocodile x1
loch korrigan x1
phyrexian rager x1
plague stinger x1
mortis dogs x1
rotting legion x1
scourge servant x2
sickle ripper x1
vault skirge x3
exsanguinate x1
flesh allergy x1
go for the throat x1
gruesome encore x1
hagra diabolist x1
hollowsage x1
ichor rats x1
nested ghoul x2
painsmith x2
relentless rats x1
septic rats x1
Polluted bonds x1
hand of the praetors x1
necrotic ooze x1
phyrexian crusader x1
**Mythic Rare
You should probably try and assemble soul sisters since you seem to like that style of deck. Here is my decklist of that archetype. It has one trick contained, a repeatable loop with leonin relic warder, phyrexian metamorph, and any life gain creatures that will gain you as much life as you want.

4 Soul's Attendant
4 Serra Ascendant
4 Ajani's Pridemate
4 Leonin Relic-Warder
4 Suture Priest
4 Phyrexian Metamorph

4 remember the fallen
4 dismember
4 ajani goldmane
1 Sword of feast and famine
1 Sword of War and Peace

14 Plains
4 Glimmerpost
4 Kabira Crossroads

I generally price singles and find where a good place to buy them at,

The only ones that are expensive are the swrod and metamorphs and you can easily substitute the sword you do not have for a cheaper equipment. The metamorphs will cost you  20-30$ though.
You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!
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Defensive stance x1
disperse x1
fuel for the cause x2
gitaxian probe x2
mana leak x1
negate x1
numbing dose x1
psychic barrier x1
quicksilver geyser x2
spreading seas x1
steel sabotage x2
stoic rebuttal x2
turn the tide x3
vapor snag x1
vault skyward x1
azure drake x1
blighted agent x4
chained throatseeker x1
mirran spy x1
neurok invisimancer x2
oculus x1
plated seastrider x3
scrapdiver serpent x2
screeching silcaw x1
serum raker x1
sky-eel school x2
spined thopter x1
spire monitor x1
spire serpent x1
vedalken certarch x2
corrupted conscience x1
corrupted resolve x1
mindculling x1
aether figment x1
azure mage x1
hedron crab x1
riddlesmith x1
treasure mage x1
trinket mage x1
vedalken anatomist x1
viral drake x1
Argent sphinx x1
chancellor of the spires x1
distant memories x1
grand architect x1
phyrexian ingestor x2
**Mythic Rare
**Nonbasic lands
Kabira Crossroads x1 (White)
Teetering Peaks x1 (Red)
Glimmerpost x1 (colorless)
Terramorphic expanse x1
Copperline Gorge x1 (Red/Green)
**Dual Color Common
Somnomancer x1 (white/blue)
Tattermunge Duo x1 (red/green)
Torpor Dust x1 (blue/black)
Zealous Guardian x1 (white/blue)
**Dual Color Uncommon
Tattermunge Witch x1 (red/green)
**Dual Color Rare
Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer x1 (red/white)
cat x1
elf warrior x1
germ x1
goblin x1
golem x3
insect x1
myr x3
poison counter x11
snake x1
wow, I wasnt even done listing my cards before someone replied. Sweet. lol
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