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The Rules for The Mount and Rider (RC 253) doesn't cover what happen if the rider is Immobilised and can't move with his Mount. 

A Proposed change under Actions (Adventurers Only) would be to make a note that if the rider cannot move, his Mount either Dismount his rider by leaving it in the space it occupied, or it cannot move while his rider can't.
Tricky question - I think I've actually seen an odd (though logical in is own way) response in play.

If a mount is immobilized in any way, the rider's pretty stuck without dismounting.
If the rider is physically immobilized (ie, by a grab or web or something that could be escaped with a teleport) the rider cannot be moved by the mount.
If the rider is otherwise immobilized such that a teleport would not escape the effect (such as by a charm or poison), they may have the mount freely move them.
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