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I've written and rewritten this post several times and I'm having trouble keeping it short, simple, and coherent. What I am looking for are alternatives and suggestions based on the themes below. Giving campaign specifcs just seem to cloud the creative elements that I am looking for so I've left them out for the time being.

There are 5 colors: white, blue, red, green, and black... Yes that's rights, think Magic the Gathering.

Each of the 5 colors needs to have a pysical "element" associated with it. Here are my initial thoughts:
White: Air
Green: Wood
Red: Stone
Black: Bone
Blue: Water

Along with these elements, each color will also have several "domains" associated with them. These do not haveto be cleric domains, but I realize many of my ideas have the same names.
White: Light, Life
Green:Animals, Earth
Red:Fire, Metal
Black:Dark, Death
Blue: Oceans, Rivers

Lastly, certain combinations of the 5 elements are important to define
Black/Blue: Acid, poison (bones befoul the water)
Blue/White: Electricity (Water and air make storms), Cold (High winds and water make ice and snow)

As you can see I have some serious blanks. I'm not married to anything, not even the 5 physical elements. Please help fill in the blanks or offer any comments you might have.

Thanks in advance!
So you are looking for something along the lines of The Last Airbender?

Or something I recall where the elements - Air, Fire, Water, Earth have anti elemental states - Miasma (Plague-polluted Air), Ichor (befouled liquid)...and that sort of thing?
The Citadel Megadungeon:
I am not familiar with the Last Airbender.

Each of these poles will represent an area of the game world, and where thier boarders meet will be a blending of the elements... So for the example I have for Blue/White, as the PCs travel from the blue zone to the white zone (tentitively water to air) they will encounter a blend of those 2 elements; things like electricity and cold.

I've also edited some of the original thoughts I had as well (based on your comments!)
I did something like this in one of my first campaigns as a DM (3e), I used much of the source material from the 3e manual of the planes. It had a lot of good ideas for mixing of the basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Positive Energy and Negative energy.

The way my campaign multiverse was set up was; the material plane was in the very center and was a mixing of all the elements. Like four balls of paint each a different color slightly overlapping, and where they all overlapped was the material plane. And then I had the positive and negative energy planes revolving around the four elemental planes and the material planes, thus where day and night came from. The orbit was eliptical as such that's where the seasons came from. When the positive energy plane was closer at certain times of year that's when spring and summer happened and thus the abundant life growing all around, when it was colder and life was beginning to wither during fall and winter that's when the negative energy plane was closer. The elemental planes overlapped in parts as well that's where I had the mixing of the elements, roughly described below in terms of your campaign. Dust (Air/Earth), Ice (Air/Water), Smoke (Air/Fire), Lava (Fire/Earth). Steam (Fire/Water), and Mud (Water/Earth). In my multiverse, the positive and negative energy planes affected everything so there were life infused and death infused spots absolutely everywhere.

White/Green=Dust (stuff is flying all over)
Green/Red=Magma/Lava (Earth and fire mixed together)
Red/Black=Smoke/Acid clouds (Polluted fire makes bad smoke and acid rains)
Black/Blue=Acid/Poison (I like the idea of the polluted water being acid or poison)
Blue/White=Cold (Every setting needs a good cold climate. I feel storms/electricity would be too abstract, because there are far more elements to a storm other than water and air, heat and pressure have a lot to do with it, and red is no where near them.)

Hope this helps, happy DMing.
It does help... I was hoping to cling to wood as greens element, but earth looks to blend much better with other elements. Earth just seems too general too me... Is it soil? clay? rock? gravel? dead leaves? when does a dead leaf become soil? %(#$*

Fire also troubles me, but again, it seems to blend easier. What is fire in terms of an element... Its kind of air, kind of whatever is combusting... Just seemed like a combination to me.

My multiverse is similar, but traveling to non-adjacent (IE. the combinations below) poles will lead through the center area composed of Wild Magic, its total chaos and areas of any nature/type can be encountered.

So my revised lists might look like this:

Color Elements
White: Air
Green: Earth
Red: Fire
Black: Bone
Blue: Water

Color Domains:
White: Light, Life, Wind
Green: Wood, Stone?, Animals
Red: Metal, Heat, Stone?
Black: Darkness, Death, Blight/Decay (Too much like death?)
Blue: Oceans, Rivers, Electricity (Come on, it has to go somewhere!)

Color Combinations:
Black/Blue:Acid, poison
Blue/White: Cold

Hope to have at least 2 combinations for each if anyone else has ideas, great help so far!
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