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so i'm looking strongly considering a permission deck based around cards like:

any glaring cards i may have missed?

Skaab Ruinator
Geist of Saint Traft
removed for snapcaster mage based upon sugguestion below, this deck looks POTENT on paper, i'll let u know how testing goes
the geist is a bad idea IMO because his 2/2 body dies in combat to goyfs and the like.  try snapcaster mage instead to recur spell pierces, mana leaks, and preordains for card advantage.  Also, I think that the ruinator really doesn't deserve a place outside of a graveyard based deck, which you are NOT running.  He's just a dead card a lot of the time.

so 4 snapcaster mage instead of the ruinator and geist, seems logical and more reliable.  Thanks for the tip, I'll put it to good use aether vial -> snapcaster mage -> manaleak seems really strong, especially since if leaves open mana for other answers.  What a fantastic card for this deck. 
Maybe -2 spell snare - 2 spell pierce for + 4 path to exile
I'm working on the same general idea. Can one make a tournament winning mid-range control deck in Modern? Some basic impediments are that permission now costs more, or is soft, or is specific, while aggro and combo have gained some incredible casts. I was playing a lot during kamigawa, dissension, and mirrodin, so I have a deck that probably now costs a bajillion dollars, which runs off similar ideas to yours... and certainly needs improvement.

The plan is, use Bob to draw into disruption hoping to gain enough time to win in the attack step.

DISRUPTION (27 cards)
3x Thoughtsieze
4x Spell Pierce
2x Disrupting Shoal
3x Engineered Explosives
3x Vendilion Clique (also counts as a VC)
4x Path to Exile
3x Mana Leak
2x Echoing Truth
3x Tectonic Edge

1x Sword of Fire and Ice
1x Loxodon Warhammer
4x Mirran Crusader
3x Mutavault (also counts as an ENABLER)

4x Dark Confidant
1x Steelshaper's Gift

MANABASE (19 cards)
2x Aethir Vial
3x Hallowed Fountain
4x Watery Grave
1x Godless Shrine
4x Marsh Flats
2x Misty Rainforest
1x Plains
1x Island
1x Swamp

Okay, so that's a take on mid range BUW control. Now to contemplate that versus the UW control list. The high-notes the UW list hits above BUW is that it has vastly more permission, two more Vials, the Vial into Snapcaster plan (awesome!), and possibly greater consistency. Some questions

1) How to kill opponent before they become unmanageable? At some point, big-mana threats will become uncontrollable. For example, heartbeat/harvest into Emrakul. That will land T6 or 7.

2) How to not die to zoo's turn one drop? On the play zoo will possibly just kill the UW pilot with their T1 drop, since there is no way of removing it until Cryptic. The UW creatures can chump, but not kill, theirs. Worse still, any aggro playing off Vial is going to be tough to stop since it gives UW 12 dead cards. Meddling helps ofc. Need playtesting reports on how that works out.

3) How do you win the mirror? A resolved Bob or Vial may determine the control war in the absence of removal.

4) Which turn is the big turn? Like many mid-range control, UW doesn't truly have a big turn, but the soonest it will deal 20 is what? On the play, we want Vial T1 into Meddling or Spellstutter T2, Snapcaster T3? Vault sometime. Clique T4-5 or end of their T3? It feels like a T7 earliest win. Turns 3, 4, and 5 are all very key as those are where we retard their plan and develop our own. Is BUW any faster? It won't have Sword equipped and swinging until T5. If it does, it will win T6 if not stopped (and it's kind of hard to stop a thing with prot B/G/R/U). Path does it every time ofc

Two ends of the Modern spectrum that feel tough to play against are fast aggro (and especially Vial or Bloodbraid aggro) and big-mana combo (landing uncounterable threats and usually packing alternate VCs).  White weenie, zoo, and various artifact aggro variants, and heartbeat, have all been tough match ups.

With control costed higher and other tropes especially zoo and big-mana gaining, the Modern control deck project really needs help. Has anyone has been smart enough to unpick it?! Is Solar Flare the only way?