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Hi everyone,i used to play magic for 2 years then i stopped at Ravnica edition,now i want to restart and i want to play in modern format,i'm actually looking for a cheap good deck,for restart and have fun and try to understand what kind of strategy modern offers,so i want to build a low price deck,play with it while building a better one, the moment my aim isn't to win official competition so a cheap deck would be ok,but it needs to be enough solid to compete in a local tournament,i'm not asking for a list of card,i want to build it by myself,i'm asking for a list of cheap but still good archetypes

Thank you all and sorry for my bad english
cascade living end is a really cheap deck. You can build the whole deck for under 50 bucks without maelstrom pulse's and shock lands.

Pulses will run you 40 for a set

Lands are gonna be the most expensive part.
Affinity isn't too bad to build.  The Mox Opals are the most expensive.  You can build a version without Arcbound Ravager, to keep costs down too.  The rest of the deck is basically commons at that point.

You can also look at All-in-Red.  Probably the least expensive by far.

Finally, I think there is a Merfolk build that isn't too bad.  The Aether Vials are pretty hard to come by, and it probably needs a couple of dual-lands to function.  But it probably can start off pretty cheap, and then just get better the more money you add. 
A fully realized Merfolk build is pretty expensive. Going with SCG's prices, you'll have to shell out at least $200 for Mutavault, Aether Vial, and Disrupting Shoal. It'll be another good $60 or more for the Merfolk creatures as well, not counting the $20-$40 you'll need for one or two Kira, Great Glass-Spinner. You might be able to get away with skipping out on Cryptic Command, but a lot of builds use it and that's another $30-ish. This of course assumes you stay monoblue. Splashing black or white makes your mana base a budget nightmare.

The best budget options at the moment that have a decent chance of winning are probably Melira Combo, Mono Red Affinity, or Living End.
WRG zoo can be rather cheap and makes a fast clock. stepp lynx and platedgeopede can apply mean pressure and win most creature races. add harrow for extra landfall/ramp color fixing for wild nactal. add in lightning bolt and other low cost-damage burn spells (including lightning helix). you can then either invest in zen fetchlands or just run a playset of terramorphic expanse/evolving wilds. aside from Zen fetchlands, all are common/uncommon. not the most deep of decks, but can easily punish any sluggish deck.
Don't build zoo unless you have the money for the manabase or tarmogoyf.
Don't build zoo unless you have the money for the manabase

This is the expensive part.  Because of the expense of good dual lands/fetch lands, you probably need to stick to a mono-colored deck or one that simply splashes a second color.

"Boros landfall" might work, since it is just zoo without the 3rd color and without the Tarmogoyfs.  But, you still need to get ahold of as many fetches as you can, in order to get bonus value out of your Lynx's and Geopede's.

So, the best bet for a "budget" deck is going to be a mono-colored one.   Then, as you acquire better and better dual-lands, you can turn your splash into a true secondary color.  And then from a 2-color into a 3-color with all the best pieces.   In that regard, I'd probably look at starting with RED.  Go Goblins / all-in-red.  It can then go in one of several different directions as you add money to it.
Affinity-Red is probably cheapest viable deck in the format.
Thanks all for your help,really!

I'm looking for the living end one,it's enough cheap for me,only dual and fetches are expansive,but i'll start without em and put them in slowly when i found them..i tried hard this deck and it work really well,also without fetches and duals,and it's very very funny to play :D thanks again!
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