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     I still have fond memories of going to my local hobby store, which at the time devoted a shelf or two to roleplaying games and magazines, and soaking in everything in front of me. Names like Judges Guild and Empire of the Pedal Throne conjures up smiles. Little black books with white type spelling out M-A-Y-D-A-Y showed me that rpg rules could indeed go sci-fi. And bunnies and burrows proved they could go anywhere. So its safe to say that i am a rpg geek. Ever since my charisma modifier was higher than my constitution, i have loved roleplaying games.
     This is why i love 4th edition. It gets a lot of flak for being to easy to learn or too "simple" but i tend to look at it thru elminsters prismatic glasses. If these rules generate half the enthusiam and enjoyment i had almost thirty years ago with the game than i say welcome onboard and enjoy the ride.

     I mention this becasue after a long haitus from bieng the DM i decided to volunteer to come out of retirement and dust of the dice so to speak. My first quest was to find a game. Back in the daty this would have been a breeze. There was always a game somewhere. But where to play now besides hobby stores. Do people still have DnD night and admit it? That's when i discovered Wizards of the Coast encounters night. I thought now there is the closest thing to arena football and a full night of DnD.All the kool parts boiled down into two hours. Awesome.

     The first session i sat in as a player on the last adventure of a ongoing gampaign. We went straight into a short story followed by a combat encounter and we were done. No wandering monster rolls needed. Navigation for the most part was thru dialog. When the action happens, the maps come out. All went well. We all rolled our saves and crits. It was a blessing to behold.
     For the next session, i was to be the DM. And for the next 13 sessions after that. Every wednesday at 6 was my opportunity to bring the joy of dungeon and dragons to people from anywhere in the area. You have two hours to basically explain the game by actually playing a quick session. And yes, in the world of dungeon and dragons games, two hours is considered quick.

    It dawned on me after my first session as a DM last week that i would probably provide a better experience if i was technically a more non-technical DM. Don't get me wrong i am not nor ever will be a rules lawyer. But where in a regular session i may expect the player to know the skills to use for a certain challenge, in the encounter sessions i am doing the game a disservice by not letting the players once in a while what skill and why to use it. Than next time they will know and feel even more involved. Heck they may even recommend to other new players the best skills and powers to use. and after all isnt that exchange whats its all about.

   i would love to hear you encounters experience as a DM. 
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