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Hello all,

Quick question. When creating PCs at anything other than first levels, what's the story for ritual casters? I assumed that you'd get the default every 1st Lvl character gets and anything else would have to come from starting money. But a friend was making a lvl 5 Psion for my new game a week or so back, and the character builder told him to take a lvl 6 ritual. And now I'm all confused.

Thanks in advance! 
You get so much money when you start at a higher level (equil to the cost of a level -1 magic item), so you would get the 1st level rituals, any any othr featurers give you, and any you wish to buy with those funds. 
While it sounds like it's just a glitch, double check that he doesn't have a feat, feature, or other ability that grants him additional rituals. Though the psion doesn't get higher level rituals by default, he may have selected some other option that does provide them.
Nifty - thanks for that everyone!
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