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I've got the perfect post rotation deck for me picked out that i'm going to buy, its a puresteel paladin deck, the problem is i cannot afford to get the deck all at one time but i still need a deck to play post rotation. I'd like to see if i can get some help cutting it down abit in price so i can atleast have a running deck and then get the more expensive cards 1 by one over the next couple of weeks. 

Here is the Deck i want to end up with.
So i can get the memnite's, Paladin's, Sun titan's, O-rings, Lifestaff's and mortarpod's now. And am just looking for cheap alternatives to fill out the rest of the deck. So i can have somthing to play until i can afford the swords, and the rest of the cards. I need 7 creatures, i was thinking 4 Porcelain Legionnaire i dont know what for the others creatures. and as far as equipment goes, i was thinking some Flayer husk and darksteel axe or argentum armor Those are all relativly cheap alternatives that should hold me over, but i'd like someone elses opinion on other things i could try. Thanks
The creatures in your list are good, but I rather use Hero of Bladehold in place of Sun Titan. It's cheaper and gives pressure when attacking. I feel Hero of Bladehold is more suitable in an aggressive Puresteel Paladin deck. Porcelain Legionnaire is also good, maybe you can switch the Memnites with it.

For equipment, I recommend living weapons, such as Flayer Husk and Sickleslicer. Bonehoard is also fine. I'd avoid equipment with high CMC, unless it's also a living weapon, like Batterskull.
realistically, there isn't any way to make this deck "budget' in that you really need to be playing with a bunch of swords which are pretty important to the deck.

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realistically, there isn't any way to make this deck "budget' in that you really need to be playing with a bunch of swords which are pretty important to the deck.

This ^^^

Was gonna say Sword of Vengeance, but it rotates. no luck besides Argentum Armor which I like but im easy. 
I was just looking over some other Puresteel paladin decks and it seems i might be alittle heavy on creatures and not enough on equipment.  And for some more cheap equipment i'm thinking argentum armor, accorder's shield and either flayer husk or possibly sickleslicer

So if anyone has a better idea on a good creature to equip ratio that would be great.
Flayer Husk seems like a good addition.
Here is a budget version that i came up with.  It still keeps the general idea of Puresteel. But just dumbs down the price significantly by cutting the swords, some expensive creatures and the inkmoths. What do you think? Keep in mind that this is just temporary until i can get the more expensive cards. But i'll still be bringing it to FNM for the first couple weeks of Oct. 
To be more aggressive,

-4 Mortarpod, didn't add power, can't attack on its own, with sac activated ability (you'll rarely want to sac one of your creature to deal 1 damage in a build like this. you'll be more successful by keeping the pressure on).

+2 Sickleslicer and +1 Flayer Husk. Living weapons, so you worried less about the creature-equipment ratio. Why bother with the ratio if you can add creatures and equipments by using the same cards.

+1 Accorder's Shield. Free to cast, help fulfill the Metalcraft condition, free to equip (with Metalcrafted Puresteel Paladin).

I don't know about the Memnites, it may be more beneficial with Signal Pest and its Battle Cry ability. If you're willing to go all out in the short run, we can cut the 6CMCs, and replace it with Signal Pest. And you may add more living weapons to take the benefit from battle cry. Furthermore, it still budget-friendly... Wink
You run 4 mortarpod. They are one of the best cards in the deck.