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My current DND group is playing a game taking place in Nentier Vale.  My wife got me the awesome new Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

Does anybody want to lend a hand converting NCS into a Fallcrest Campaign Setting?  They're at a point in their adventure where they've discovered  some truly awful stuff happening behind the scenes by the leader of Fallcrest.  They've discovered that he is, in fact, a Changeling impersonating the most politically important person after murdering that same person and pinning it on the party.  Moreover, they've discovered that as far as the world is concerned, that this Changeling is the only one known to exist, and that instead of being a natural creature, he's an elemental creature from the abyss.  Natually, his plan is bring down the natural world and take it over with the help of his abyssal comrades.  The PCs would prefer this not to happen!

They want to remain within the city now, and find a way to expose him for who he really is.  So, I'm wondering if anybody would like to lend a hand to turn Neverwinter into Fallcrest.  That way, they have a much bigger city and undercity to explore without ever really having to adventure outside the city and into the wilderness.

Any takers? 
- BBEG destroys Fallcrest and flees to Neverwinter
- BBEG destroys Fallcrest and replaces it with Neverwinter. Literally.
- BBEG destroys Fallcrest and you adapt the Neverwinter setting to fit into the story (if I'm correct Neverwinter was destroyed too, right?)
- BBEG goes to Neverwinter and destroys it, and becomes the ruler of Neverwinter using his awesome changeling powers.
- BBEG opens up a rift to Neverwinter, destroying Fallcrest in the process. He then goes to Neverwinter. Turns out that was destroyed by the rift as well, but there's more of it left.

Hmm, I'm in a pretty destructive mood :P 

Some non-destructive ones:
- BBEG is exposed, but he manages to flee to Neverwinter. The party must travel to Neverwinter and find out who he has changed into now. (this way they achieve their goal and will b heroes and stuff in Fallcrest)
- Rift to Neverwinter that doesn't destroy both cities.
- They discover that there's some McGuffin in the undercity of Neverwinter that will help them enormously when they expose the BBEG.
- They expose the BBEG, and manage to defeat, kill, or whatever they want to do with him! But he was only a pawn in a bigger plan, and there is an entire changeling cult that plans to do the same. Headquarter location? You guessed it, Neverwinter. 
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Considering that the Changeling’s goal is chaos – the PCs could PARTIALLY thwart his plan to pull the natural world into chaos. Instead of utter destruction, a rift in reality is formed, effectively turning Fallcrest into Neverwinter or perhaps merging the two cities. The changeling then must regroup and work on his next plan . . .

Figure out how much exploration has been done of the Nentir Vale, take that explored area, find a part of the Neverminter area map, and plop it in there.  The small town of Fallcrest is a settlement in the sphere of influence of the larger city, but which has exercised relative independence after the events of the past hundred years or so (in Points of Light, the fall of Nerath, but in FR, the Spellplague and its aftermath).

The villain would like to gain the upperhand in Neverwinter, but is having a hard time gaining traction there, what with all the other factions.  So he decided to build up a base of power in the small town before moving on to the big city.
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