Deity of Trickery for a cool puzzle I'm going to use

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Of the good/neutral standard PoL DND deities, which would be most suitable to have the trickery domain?  I'm thinking Avandra, especially since Garl Glittergold isn't standard any more.  Should I give trickery to Avandra or instead make Garl Glittergold into a PoL deity?

Basically, I'm going to have a priest of the deity who hold playful trickery in high regard play a trick on the party.  He's going to require the PCs to beat him in a game of guessing what numbers (from 0-9) certain arrangements of sticks mean.  The sticks themselvse mean nothing, but his body language will tell the whole story.  (Anyone remember this game?  Where you arrange the sticks arbetrarily and then sit with your fingers indicating the number is?)

I'm going to act out the part of the priest, and the players will act as their PCs.  If they guess incorrectly a certain number of times, something bad will happen.  If the guess the password, a 4-digit number, they'll be allowed access past the area he's protecting for using their sharp wits.

What do you think about the skill challenge and which deity should be worshiped by this priest?
God of the moon and autumn, Sehanine is the patron of trickery and illusions." (PHB1 p. 22)

I guess that pretty much answers your question
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