Dragon Set Release -- when?

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According to ***2011*** Product Release Schedule in this forum, there is supposed to be a Dragon collection of miniatures coing out:


Dragon Collector's Set / Miniatures / Non-Collectible / docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:hBb_N... /    yfrog.com/gy6kcwuj 

But I see nothing on the actual website under products on this. It is getting close to October. Was this just a rumor?

It might be what we call in the computer world, "VAPORWARE"!
Here's a picture. If you google a little you can find pictures with the open box where you can see the dragons. IIRC the black, red and blue are old sculpts and the other two are new.
I guess that the Dragon set isn't vaporware after all, I've even got a solid release date for it and that is November 14, 2011.
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