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I played magic for about 4 years when i was a in my teens, completely casually, never even heard of fnm.  Now I'm twenty and I've got a job and money to spend on a game which I've loved forever.  I'm going to my first standard tournament tonight with an Illusions deck I made after buying the event deck. I put in wurmcoil engines instead of the mediocre rares the deck comes with, and i added a sideboard with a very strong control element.  I have no idea what the metagame will be at this shop, but my question is; What should I know going into a tournament with players of high caliber (I've seen there 'casual' games) for the first time?  How scared should I be? 
No reason to be scared going to FNM. If someone isn't willing to help you out a little during a match, that person really needs to get out more. You should find that most players are friendly.

That said, rounds are timed and you don't want lack of knowledge or experience to lead to drawn matches. Then nobody is happy. Brush up on your knowledge of the game. You should know all the parts of a turn, who has priority and when, how each mechanic works, etc. A lot of the small things get overlooked in casual magic, but they are important to know.
Most guys are cool at the shop I go to. You shouldnt have trouble meeting new friends and stuff.

After your match, if you have time, try to get some friendly matches in. Its a good time to talk and get a feel for the environment, while testing out how your deck plays.

Trading is a good way to get to know people too. Plus you get the chance to get cards you need for other decks and side projects.

Hey man. i am in the exact same situation. My fnm is next friday :-) i will also be taking an illusions deck!! Let me know how it pans out!! Thanks.
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