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I have a character concept of a tiefling girl who was kept imprisoned by her grandpa Meph for a while.
She escaped the 9 hells and is now fighting against granpa.
But the twist is, she remained a cheerful girl (she's actually in her 20s) that enjoys playing harmless pranks on friends (and not so harmless ones on enemies) as well as being a little too forward (ok, a lot too forward).

I can't think of the perfect class for her. A little combination of shadowy secretive magic and acrobatic grace. I made her a rogue to begin with, which fits the acrobatic grace perfectly... but missing the shadowy magic part. Warlock would somewhat work... maybe warlock/rogue hybrid? But then it would be really confusing with curse/sneak attack.

Any help appreciated.
You could just go straight warlock with Eldritch Strike and make a melee'lock. Pump acrobatics with a multiclass feat or something. Go Con/Dex or Con/Int.

Or, hybrid! Which actually sounds totally awesome. Con/Dex again, Eldritch Strike, Clever Strike (or whatever). Sounds like a good time to me!

Edit: For the hybrid Dex/Cha is probably better, actually. 
A Gloom-pact Hexblade would fare quite well.  It fits thematically (secretive, literal shadow magic) and works mechanically (Primary scores are Cha and Dex, for max agility).
Sorcerer might also fit. Kind of goes with the arrogant prankster route. 
Rogue Multiclass Assassin would work well. Shadow Initiate grants them access to the Assassin's Shroud power, and Cruel Shroud can create automatic combat advantage, so it fits the acrobatic trickster angel well, and grants enough shadow magic to be countable. The Gloomwrought Emmisary theme from Dragon 400 would fit well as backstory to how she learned her Assassin magics, and provide a bit more shadow magic flavor to the character if needed.

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I have to second the sorcerer suggestion.  A chaos sorc is char/dex based and you could play up the randomness as parts of pranks.  Just think of the chaos bolt like the prankster that lit a bottle rocket indoors to watch it bounce off the walls.
I'm seeing a Dex+Cha (balanced, or near-balanced with the emphasis going either way) character here, probably arcane or divine and perhaps with a touch of shadow.

As it happens, I'm building a stealthy bard for an online game. A concept character, most emphatically not highly optimized. (Whip Training, anyone?) It's Zelle in this thread: (The build currently posted there is out of date.)
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