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Hello there, I have been working on making the popular pc game Diablo 1 into an rpg campaign. I am having issues with how to convert the creatures from the game to the pen and paper game. If some one could help i would very much apreciate it. Thank you.

here is the link to where I found all the source for it: diablo2.diablowiki.net/Diablo:_D1_Quest

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you could start with the old 3E conversion stuff and work up from there.


even has a link to the fastplay rules for Diablo conversion, if you don't feel like tracking down the books.

It won't exactly give you the 4E take on it, but it at least puts stats for monsters and players in the same place so you can compare and contrast.

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The easiest thing would be taking existing monsters and slaping on a layer of Diablo paint.  Occasionally you will have to borrow powers or change damage types.  It has been far too long since I played Diablo, so I will use some Diablo 2 monsters as examples:

The crazy little devil dudes from Act 1 (with the mages who raise them from the dead) could definitely be goblins.  When you miss them, they just run away, which is what the goblins can do with their goblin tactics.  For the mages, give them a fire blast ranged power, a raise dead power (raises as a minion), and maybe some sort of leadery power (to incite the troops to rush in and get killed).

The goatmen can be minotaurs, the big hulking brutes can be ogres, etc.  Just look through the compendium for monsters around the level you need until you find some with the right sort of powers.  Then change names, damage types, add in powers when you need to.

If you can make a short list of some monsters you would want at the start, I would be happy to put together a 4E version of them to help you get started.