Field Report: Week 5 Wyvern Bridge.

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I had to miss the gate encounter while moving. I heard that it went well. We had our standard 2 tables again this week.


This week my monsters were pretty ineffective except for one character. The party decided to have the Tank tank one half of the monsters and the bladesinger (second highest AC) off-tank the other side. This turned out to be a poor decision for the bladesinger as he was grabbed by one grunt and then slammed by the other for max (24) damage. With the grabs 10 damage, this resulted in an insta kill, reducing him immediately to negative bloodied.
Brookhurst Hobbies was once again packed with players--we had 7 on each table, I think.

I ran a table of regulars, which I blogged about, making one significant change to attempt to capture their imaginations and increase the role play oppurtunities--remember I am DM'ing with DM Rico, DM John, DM William, and DM Jace so anything I can do to stand out in this amazingly talented crew is fair game!


Basically, I ran the module as written [MOW] until after the adventurers had crossed the WW Bridge at which point I stopped play and move the story 50 years into the future. The PC's were retired adventurers, the events of Lost Crown of Neverwinter well behind them.

I went around the table and allowed the players to update all of us on what they had been up to--some opened bars, some were still adventurers, etc. Then I invited them to the 50th Anniversary of the Third Most Famous Battle at the Winged Wyvern Bridge--with a handwritten note by Jarvy, whose reggae vibe the Players really enjoy.

The PC's returned to Neverwinter to present the tall of the battle--a dais with a podium had been set up for them to tell the tale, the 'gaurd' they had interacted with earlier was there in chains, a strange stick was mounted above the stage.

I went in initiative order allowing the PC's to describe what they did--then we would run the battle sequence. At the end of each Turn I would review the crowd response--excited, bored, scribbling furiously in a notebook, whatever--the idea was to create this mirroring of the future memory and current battle.

The players seemed to really like it, got a lot of good comments after the game--I thought it went ok. An experiement that I may try again.

In any event, still very much loving this module and looking foreword to next week when I finally take the lead in the Character Kill Pool!

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We had a low turnout this week, 4 of the 6 regulars at my table were missing due mostly to school reasons. So we mixed with the other tables to even out the player base, leaving us with 3 tables with 4 players each at The Game Depot in Tempe, Arizona.

Playing with me this week:

Dwarven Warpriest (Sun Domain)(Heir of Delzoun)
Tiefling Hexblade (Infernal Pact)(Devil-touched)
Human Cleric (PH1 cleric) of Oghma
Goliath Warden

Our group got past the bridge pretty easily, what with my Lawful Good PC (and Neverember supporter) proudly displaying his New Neverwinter badge. We made sure that the guards were aware of the murdered guards from last weeks encounter and to be on high alert.

As we crossed the bridge and on into the Blacklake district we were rushed by the plaguechanged (5 total). 3 came from the left of us and 2 from the right, so our group moved to the right en masse to engage the 3 and keep the other 2 an extra round away.

The warden did his job well, marking the grunts and taking a beating (a nice change since our usual group does not have a defender in the party). My cleric ended up having to use Healing Word twice on him in consecutive rounds to keep him up and tanking, though. Our Tiefling hexblade also did well thanks to his natural fire resistance, though at one point when the bad guys exploded when they were bloodied he ended up in the river and had to climb out and charge back into melee.

Ironically, our human cleric ended up doing the most damage to the bad guys when they rushed past him to get to the rest of us and he critted on two oppurtunity attacks. Keep in mind he was using a longspear with the High Crit property! 

So no PC's went unconscious this week though our Warden was down to single digits multiple times and is low on healing surges for next week. My PC who also participated in the game day adventure made enough to advance to level 2 as well, so huzzah for the even level stat bumps and bonus feat!
Did you mean a vicous longspear? I'm pretty sure that the longspear does not have high crit.
I have not played with this player before, but I think you are correct. He did mention it was a +1 at least, so I know it was magical.
Nothing much to report from Avatar Las Vegas. The tables had a bit of disparity on difficulty, but overall nothing too complicated. They each went at their monsters with the eagerness of things that are eager... or something. My table had the avenger run off on his own to take on three monsters while all five of the others took on the other 3. Avenger was saved by the Sentinel's use of healing word to the loss of the paladin who was knocked out near the last round. The Hunter attempted to climb the statues each round and finally succeeded on the final round. We had a total of 7 tables (530 and 730 sessions) so I got to play my bladesinger. I successfully baited my marshal to the enemies and was able to drop two of them into the river with my bladespells.

Oh, VileSin! What you missed! And so modest-- as I recall, you slid one of the dragon-shaped enemies in a dance around you before pushing it into the river!

On Table Disarray, we had two new players-- both playing psions-- including a high school student from Switzerland who was very sad there are no Encounters games going on in Switzerland!

We used the twitter buff about pushing the enemies into the water. Between the Swiss psion and my warlord's bull rush, we knocked three of the enemies into the water (the psion took out at least two).

At a different table, my swordmage marked two enemies then leapt into the water. If she hadn't missed on Lightning Lure, she wouldn't have been knocked out and drowning, too.... Alas!

In short, we made entertaining use of the forced movement mechanics last week. It was an interesting fight overall, made especially so with the twitter buff negating a huge part of the tactics.

We had two new players at our table this week - 'new' being a misnomer, they were old-timers who had played OD&D back in the day, and had last played 2e.  The combat this week was nothing special, story-wise, just one of those action scenes you get between plot points in any good story.  The heroes get to be awesome and we get an idea of who the baddies are:

No sooner do we set foot on the far side of the Wyvern bridge (be careful to show the right token, everyone!), then we're attacked by some unfortunate plaguechanged humans wreathed in blue arcane ooginess.  We're not sure what to make of them (flubbed arcana checks all around), but defend ourselves effectively.  Aparently, some of the tougher ones had a devestating attack vs a grabbed opponent (re-skinned ghouls, perhps?), but they never got to use them - they never maintained both a grab and a postive hp total long enough.  Our Warlord/Bladesinger/Theif combo took monsters down fast, but we were still defenderless - this time, our new warpriest was the leader-heal-thyself psuedo defender.  We otherwise found little out this time around:   Lord Neverember's Minarran (not Minotaur, as one of us mis-heard) mercenaries were guarding the bridge and aren't very customer-service-oriented, and there are plaguechanged about and they're dangerous - already knew that, but I guess having it confirmed is worth something, and it was a fun little fight.  Another table had more trouble, with the monsters getting in some of their high-damage attacks, though. 



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I ran the bridge last week and can't believe that no one else experienced what I did. I rolled very well for the enemies so they got to go first. The leader types went first and two moved up to attack (one hit) and the other charged the lead characters. One player got to go but he foolishly didn't move. The other enemies went moving up. The rest of the party got to go. The first one up used an area burst wounding two of the leaders. The next one up was the pregen belgos and he used his multiarrow shot power. It bloodied two of the leaders setting off their "go bloody" burst. The whole party got hit along with all of their own enemy allies. This was enough to set off the other leaders burst hitting only the front half of the party and all of the enemies. At the end of round one, one character was down and EVERYONE was bloodied. With some much needed healing the party persevered but it was surely close. That burst attack can be brutal.

I then ran the Mannequin encounter. The group entered (two in rat form) through different entrances. The Harper agent was afraid of being attacked by the Harpers so he snuck around inside. The group approached the hafling and chose to talk to him. Using their badges, they convinced him that they wanted to join the Dead Rats. As a show of power, he challenged them to game of nonlethal combat. The players agreed and he immediately used his pellet to disappear. The group then was assaulted by his allies. They went down fast even with the wonderful mannequins and mirrors. When Chent came up again, I anticipated his death blow (4 dice) but I badly missed. Within a round the encounter was over. Chent told them where to go and even let them know about the threat of the tree creatures at night. The encounter ended as they headed to bed and the Harpers kept an eye on them all night.
A good week with a table of 5 (mine) and a 2nd table of 4 (on of my regulars stepped up to DM!)  The players had very different experiences from what I heard.

What happened

The players got a taste of the Protectorate Ward as they made their way to the Winged Wyvern Bridge.  They really enjoyed hearing the rebuilding, talking to some Dwarves about relics and artifacts of the Guantlygrym.  Once they had their fill of Neverwinter history and RP they moved on to the bridge.  One of the players is a bit rash, and doesn't always think things through.  I usually let the other players react quickly to patch up potential mistakes, but apparently this time they wanted to see how it played out....

So the Tiefling Warlock steps up to the dozen or so Mintarn bridge guards.  Most of them were playing dice games or cards, but several snapped to attention as the group approached.  The tiefling made some kind of bluffy threat, and poorly, along the lines of "I work for lots of powerful people.  You should all get out of my way and let me pass!"  He then shows the guards both of the badges they've gained.  Yes, both Lord Neverember, and the Lost Heirs.  Yes... both. 

The guards are taken aback and set on, pardon the pun, on guard!  "Blimey, wotcha doin there bub?  You ain't got no right serving those against the Lord Protector!"  The Tiefling drew his rod and summoned his pact blade.  He made an intimidate check hoping to scare all the guards off.   He did make them nervous... and mad.  The party offered a few paltry tries to difuse the situation, but mostly were of the "we're not with him" frame of mind.

The player really didn't seem to understand his mistake, but didn't want to back down.  I told him (and the rest of the party) that while they were probably more powerful and could defeat the -12- guards, they would most likely be very hurt in the process.  And it could cost them more as they move to unfamiliar territory. 

One player jumped up and offered 5 gold per guard to 'forget this whole unfortunate incident and that we were ever here!'.   This worked out just fine (with a good diplomacy role to boot!) and the guards were happy to have more coin and less work to do.

The actual combat went over fairly fast.  Both sides traded good hits, and two players were dropped at least once.  By the end of the battle with the plaguechanged, one PC was out of surges, and most others down to their last few.

A good time had by all again this week.
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