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Looking at the DLC 1 achievements, My Crushing Masterstroke (Defeat Jace, Jace and Jace as the Archenemy in a campaign game) is the only real challenge. In preparation I was wondering what deck is best suited for this seemingly herculean task. The obvious danger here is the ever-growing 4x Krovikan Mists in the core Realm of Illusions deck. I played through much of the Planeswalker difficulty Archenemy campaign using 3x Jace, and didn't lose until a particularly devastating run of scheme cards against Nicol Bolas.

In order to survive a horde of Mists the Archenemy deck will need to control the Illusion count. This requirement automatically eliminates decks without sufficient removal (Arrest won't work, Aether Mutation will only delay the inevitable, and playing as Jace will obviously only add to the strength of the enemy Mists). Strength of Stone is the token sweeper deck, but Fault Line only affects non-flyers, and Magma Phoenix/Cerebral Eruption would be slow to go off and, even killing every Phantasmal Bear, Phantom Warrior, and Blind Phantasm in play, would still require there be 3 or less Mists for the full effect. Because of the 3x Repulse and 1x Evacuation, the deck you choose shouldn't rely too heavily on enchantments or tokens. Having flyers for blockers may seem important, but only until there are more illusions cast and suddenly your Flameblast Dragon or Simic Sky Swallower is dwarfed. Better just to remove the Mists outright.
Obviously the ideal card in this situation is Maelstrom Pulse. I believe trying this with Guardians of the Wood, mulliganing until you start with one, and waiting to play it until there are an adequate number of Mists in play is the best strategy. A savvy RoI player might hold on to a Repulse to bounce the Maelstrom Pulse's target, thus fizzling the spell and protecting all Krovikan Mists in play, but if you're looking to get this achievement easily you're probably playing against Mage difficulty, and that AI isn't likely to counter anything, much less pull off this brilliant play.

Aside from Maelstrom Pulse being the bomb, you have 2x Ezuri's Archers, 2x Eyelight's Ending, 1x Plummet, and 1x Jagged-Scar Archers to help control the opposing air force. I'd suggest putting in Elvish Lyrist to possibly deal with the 1x Mind Control in each deck. Because there are no artifacts in the core decks, leave Viridian Shaman out. 3x Might of the Masses is an awesome card on offense anyway, and in this match-up can be used as instant speed combat tricks against the Jaces' shy creatures (4x Phantasmal Bears and 3x Phantom Beasts in the core deck). The strength in numbers style of elves will diminish the impact of having 3 opponents waiting to counter your fatties.

Nissa vs. 3x Jace is helped immensely by the DLC unlocks, so be sure and win a few games before attempting. 2x Fog isn't something I'd normally want in my build, but when there's 3 opponents coming at you in the same attack step this card will save you a lot of life. Elvish Champion is a no-brainer as a lord, but the real beauty of this Archenemy strategy is the out-of-place unlock Hydra Omnivore. Just keep one Jace creatureless and take all 3 down at the same time for a quicker victory.

No matter what deck you choose this will probably be tough enough to require at least a few "restart duel"s. Just remember the Jaces will be playing the core decks with no unlocks, so no need to fear the 2cmc Counterspell (only 2x Cancel and 1x Summoner's Bane). Chances are by the time you're ready to cast Hydra Omnivore you'll be facing down 3 open Islands anyway, but the AI on Mage difficulty isn't exactly known for clutch counters.

So there's all my reasons why I think Guardians of the Wood is the deck best suited to meet the 3x Jace challenge. Blood Hunger and Unquenchable Fire (just because of the ample creature removal) would be my next picks. 360 and Steam achievement junkies, what deck do you plan to use for this achievement?
I'm going to do it with SoS, because I can't wait to test the new unlocks by crushing 3x RoI. It will have a much better advantage with Slagstorm.
Yeah, I was going to say Strength of Stone might be a pretty decent pick thanks to 2x Slagstorm joining the card pool. Blood Hunger might work out as well as I think it's getting Barter in Blood. Basically, any deck that'll have a sweeper like effect will be one of the first decks I try it with.

I'm sure I'll get it off some nuts Scheme draws though so it probably won't matter what deck I'm playing as.

2 x slagstorms should do the job, cerebral eruption to kill multiple creatures, act of treason to take control of one


damnation, buff wurmcoil engine


maelstrom pulse
I would also give AD a good chance to pull this off, you could hope for the scheme cards to keep you alive during early game. The new Windstorm together with the massive manacount of the deck could possibly keep the Mists (and every other flier as well) in check, a kicked RoR could leave you with more Mists than they have and a Mass Polymorph after an Aether Mutation or one of the "you get weenie tokens" Schemes and even 3 Jaces should fall quickly ... IF (and that is a big if) you make it that far (on a side note: without the Lord of the Unreal, Lorthos can rip Jaces shy creatures some new ones even without paying the mana ).

I also agree, that Chandra might work well, too due to removal and a possible Inferno Titan to take care of Illusions, Volcanic Fallout should work great and a lategame Insurrection should help alot.

Other than that, DR might also work with the new unlocks (Malfegor clearing the board and his breath should work quite well).

But after all said and done, I will stick with my fav Deck (so far ... Ajani might change that) and give Jace some elven love ;). I guess I would include the Invokers to target the shy illusions or to put trample on the Hydra (one of my favourite unlocks in the DLC ) follow that up with a Might of the Masses and it could be over quickly.

PS.: most of these ideas are based on the assumption that I will get more lands down then I would in a normal game, but my impression is that this should work in Archenemy.

EDIT: Ouch, I totaly overlooked SoS, that should probably work as well ... but thats probably because I tend to have horribly bad luck with that deck (for example I never ever had the Flowstone Overseer in my hand .
I only looked at the DLC unlocks for GotW, but wow, Blood Hunger (2x Barter in Blood and Butcher of Malakir are  brutal) and particularly Strength of Stone are more apt for this than ever before.

In hindsight Cerebral Eruption only affects a single player, so that's out anyway. However 2x Slagstorm, Magma Phoenix, and Fault Line are more than adequate sweepers. I've never used it in a deck, but I would probably even include Bloodfire Colossus. 2x Act of Treason and Conquering Manticore will make good use of overgrown Mists to kill their former controllers, and Rockslide Elemental will prosper in the 4 player environment, at least until it is repulsed. If SoS can keep out some control cards like Flowstone Overseer, Spikeshot Elder, and Grim Lavamancer, SoS could totally eek out a win by controlling the illusion population.

Considering the DLC unlocks, Strength of Stone is now my #3 pick behind Blood Hunger. Don't forget, in tribute to the ridiculously overpowered My Crushing Masterstroke itself, UF does get Insurrection as well.
Someone should also make a thread about the Scheme decks each deck will get. Some of the coolest scheme cards are specific to each deck. I googled for a complete list, but couldnt find it. It should be fun to look at those in light of Archenemy function in DLC1.
I think the schemes are more based off color, but I can probably look at a list of scheme cards and do it by memory. Not exact numbers of course.
I'd say elves. Archers and Maelstrom can take care of multiple mists which should give you the upper hand in at least one of a few games.
I'll try to beat them with Dragon's Roar,. If that doesn't work, Auramancer or Cloudburst (maybe my new main decks besides DR and AP).


A well-timed Damnation should do the trick.

I am actually counting more on scheme cards than actual decks. You can wipe one player completely with Doomsday scheme, steal their creatures, destroy lands, have token Golems and Dragons. Hopefully, it wont be too difficult.
Got it on the third try with Grave Whispers (didn't even try GotW like I planned to). I think it's really more about timely scheme cards more than deck, but I did surprising amount of damage with Underworld Dreams. Realm of Illusions loves to draw cards after all. Really not that hard of an achievement.
Beat it on the first try on hardest difficulty using Realm of Illusions deck myself.  The Krovikan Mists get big for everyone, but I would either use the schemes to get rid of them, or bounce them with spells.  I would also attack opponents one at a time.
Liliana. 2X underworld dreams would put a hurting on their card drawl.
Liliana caress should hurt with the discarding.
you got a decent 5mana -2/-2 card that'll work nicely for decent chr removeal.
flashback zombies.
2X racks.
2/2 that becomes a 5/5 with 1 of them has no cards.
-x/-x enchants for them pesky krov. mist.
doom blades.

There are more goodies as well. and I used that deck to beat the first Archenemy deck. and it has some nasty schemes! 
Did it using UF on second try, Planeswalker difficulty mainly because I got a lucky scheme / card combo early on.

Firts Know Naught but Fire, turn two, Approach My Molten Realm followed by Flame Rift, then The Fate of the Flammable, the AI picked others, second Flame Rift and killed the one last remaining using a Volcanic Hammer on turn 4
SOS first try.  Slagstorm, the x dmg to all creatures scheme, using spikeshot when the warcry procced ripped em.
I used a completed ajani goldmane deck and it worked just fine. I have my AI se to planeswalker too and I did it on the second try. First time I played they all had the perfect hand and I was mana screwed.

1st turn 3x phantasmal bears
2nd turn 3x Krovikan mists
and all 3 had repulse and many more Krovikan mists waiting to be played. I got stomped... They all had the same hand. I was pretty pissed off about it too...

2nd round
It was all about the life gain. I had double lifelink on  my sacred wolf with +12 +12 flying first strike trample vigilance. I was gaining more life then they could hit me for. I took the weakest one out first and worked my way right to left. Ended it with well over 100 Life. the saporlings chumped out the ground forces and I had plenty of chump flyers because of my card advantage. I was drawing 2 cards everytime I played one aura and playing 2 aura's a turn. Like I said. Easy..

I don't know about you but being able to be the archenemy has changed this game completely. I have more fun now then ever before. I also love ajani's deck.
My initial bet on elves served me well, overrun 2 of them within the first 4 turns. Only possible with some lucky schemes of course, but that's how archenemy rolls. Honestly, I've yet to lose a game as archenemy no matter if I play vs the AI or human opponents, the scheme cards are ridiculously overpowered, you'd have to get extremely unlucky or play **** decks to give the game away.
Got it on the first try with Grave Whispers, didn't even have all the cards unlocked. Going discard heavy mostly teared them apart, every draw cost them life, every discard cost them life, and a few nice Schemes helped, too.

Did get close to losing though, due to the Mists. Those things are nasty. Bringing back his illusions with a Scheme was a bad idea as it turned out, but I didn't realise you can skip "Dead shall serve" if there's no interesting monsters by clicking OK instead of a monster.

(Oh and I played on Planeswalker difficulty) 
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Update 5th Sep 2011: Added a sample kingdom, as well as sample of play.
Did it with Machinations. Turn 3-4 Venser's Journal leads to huge life gains when combined with Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom, The Pieces are Coming Together and My Genius Knows No Bounds. At one point, AI cast Evacuation on my huge board and after that, it was pretty much over. I had over 70 life.

honestly nothing can beat AD's free-weenies scheme + mass polymorph, literally all ur creatures from library hit the board. xDD

From what you all say it's almost impossible to not win as the archenemy, even against 3 Jaces, but I don't see it beeing the case.
True, I've only tried a coumple of times, but for now stopped at Tezeret (acompanied by Ajani and Ral). I'm playing as Ajani, and they kick my b..
Zarek puts fast powerful creatures very fast, Ajani pumps them and tezeret removes mine or counters them
I'm sure I'll win eventually, but it's not easy. I suppose different deck would play better, but i plan to go through Archenemy campaign with Ajani.
All in all, I found AI when you are archenemy much better when I played against archenemy with two AI's on my side.
+1 for the guy who said Grave Whispers.

I was dreading it but I managed it on my first try using that deck...some timely scheme cards really helped me out. If you get Every Hope Shall Vanish you can get rid of the most worrying cards, and then scheme cards such as Surrender Your Thoughts and Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom (hopefully getting you more means of making players discard) mean that they shouldn't have to many cards in hand to worry you.  I think all three Jace were top decking pretty soon in. I was only playing on the medium difficulty though...the cpu probably makes better discard choices on the top difficulty.
Honestly, I've yet to lose a game as archenemy no matter if I play vs the AI or human opponents, the scheme cards are ridiculously overpowered, you'd have to get extremely unlucky or play **** decks to give the game away.

This.  They should really lower Archenemy's health if you are playing it as a Human, because otherwise it's just too easy.  The AI needs extra health to cheat his way out, but not us.  I had a discussion before the DLC hit, with another player about whether it would be harder to play against AI or Human Archenemy.  In the end the conclusion was that the main reason AI sucks (besides being AI) is because it uses crappy deck builds.  Combine Schemes with a good deck, and you have to try really, really hard not to win every single game.
Funnily enough I beat them 2nd try with Ajani's aura deck, I almost decked myself out though with Kor Spiritdancer and both Mesa Enchantress out on the field which their draw power was very helpful but annoying after awhile since I kept needing to discard at the end of most of my turns.

The 1st try I got ultimately destroyed by a team of them Krovikan Mist and it didn't help that at the beginning I got 3 schemes that actually hurt me by exile my Suntail Hawk etc or not doing anything at all at that moment.

Eye kneed teh speelchequer bach!

I was trying to unlock cards, but i beat them on the first try with apex. It helped i got to put a creature from hand into battle first round and i had the haste dude and went to town on them, I think i won in like 5 or 6 rounds they never put up much of a fight.
I used Gravewhispers and cruised through the entire campaign. I was highly disappointed to the see the AI in the Archenemy campaign using core decks. Jacex3 should've felt a lot hardly than it was. In fact, the entire campaign should've been harder than it was. I felt bad because it's a joke when playing against bad builds as you just stomp on them.

Also, Liliana's scheme cards felt too good. It was soooo easy especially if you get things Every Hope Shall Vanish and choose their most relevant cards (mainly hitting removal) for the current gamestate.
I used a couple of different decks and i can say Gravewhispers is by FAR the easiest way of doing this. She is almost completely overpowered as archenemy.
Did like 15 Matches on planeswalker/online and never lost (not even close). Its hilariously easy to win because her strong schemes almost win by themselve alone.

Other good Archenemy decks are: AD, AM and RoI imho

The fast Weenie decks like WS,BH,GoW a.s.o. arent as strong in this mode as they are in others, because games usually go very long.

The more burn oriented decks play very nicely in AE although you usually only win close.

Well and some decks are just bad...
Blew through the Archenemy campaign with Auramancer but got stonewalled at the 3X Jace final challenge. Tried a few different decks but a fully unlocked untuned Ancient Depths did the trick after a couple of tries. If you get Mass Polymorph early enough and lots of free 1/1 and 0/1 creatures, it's pretty hilarious. Not so much when one of the Jaces drops an evacuation but at that point, it was too late. One Jace was out and the other down to 8 hit points. 
Another deck which is surprisingly good in archenemy, is Machinations. The Schemes really help the deck shine and give it explosive starts. I once got Mana screwed and had only 1 mana and could still spill almost my whole hand on the table in turn 2 with a scheme that reduces the cost of artifacts by .
I got it with AD my first attempt, then again, I also got stupidly lucky.

T1 Introductions are in order: Inkwell Leviathan

T2 Introductions are in order: Simic Sky Swallower

The AI pretty much just told me "here, you can just win this one"
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yeah, gonna drop in another vote for Liliana for this. I just played through it and...While she's not as great as many (including myself) projected in 1vs1 she is an absolute rapestomp machine as the AE.

Jace x3 died without putting up anything close to a fight.
i did this with Mach 1st time of asking. but i got very lucky with the schemes.
starting hand had the 'tappable chappable' to beef all artifacts and the first two schemes gave me free artifact golums (sp?)
Add in a few death-touch flyers and i was away.

So long as you go agro and take down one jace quickly, then your in for a good chance
I uploaded a video of me beating the Jace challenge on Planeswalker difficulty, using Jace deck myself.  Unless you get extremelly unlucky, you can do it every single time, thanks to the mists that can take out opponents in a single turn.
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